Camera Security

Why You Need a Security Camera Strap

POSTED January 20th 2021 BY Beth Williams
Safeguard Your Camera with an Anti-Theft Camera Strap An anti-theft security camera strap can help you bring home your saved memories plus your valuable camera. The best anti-theft security camera strap stops “camera snatches,” or “cut and run” camera thefts, that usually occur in tourist locations. Smart thieves recognize the value of your equipment and can be quick to find a way to relieve you...
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Where Photography is Forbidden in Foreign Countries

POSTED April 22nd 2018 BY Beth Williams
What you video or photograph in some foreign countries could land you in trouble. Some countries other than the U.S. have stricter rules about what you may photograph or film than we do. Know before you go where photography is forbidden, so you don’t get your camera confiscated or land in jail. Where Photography is Forbidden Other Countries Photography restrictions in foreign countries often include...
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