Camera Security

Photography Restrictions in Foreign Countries

POSTED April 22nd 2017 BY Beth Williams
What you video or photograph in some foreign countries could land you in trouble. Some countries other than the U.S. have stricter rules about what you may photograph or film than we do. This is especially true when it comes to taking photographs of certain government buildings.  It appears that most of the problems arise when the destination you are visiting is having an internal...
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Why You Need a Security Camera Strap

POSTED January 20th 2017 BY Beth Williams
Safe Guarding Your Camera with an Anti-Theft Camera Strap “Camera snatches,” or “cut and run” camera thefts, usually occur in tourist hot spots. Here are some suggestions for what you can do to make sure you return home with your valuable gear and memories. Camera Snatchers and Cut and Run Thefts Many travelers are aware that crowded tourist destinations are popular with pickpockets and other...
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Take a Great Selfie! A Few Simple Tips

POSTED May 8th 2014 BY Beth Williams
How to Take a Selfie— A Few Tips to Make it Great and Worthy of Posting! Everyone’s doing it; that is taking selfies!  A selfie is an informal or impromptu shot snapped with a digital camera or smart phone held at arm’s length. It’s usually a spontaneous shot that more often than not ends up on social media such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. A...
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Safeguarding Your Camera Gear in Vehicles

POSTED January 20th 2013 BY Beth Williams
Camera Security – Safeguarding Your Camera Gear In Vehicles Whether you are a professional or casual photographer, your camera gear is valuable – be it a physical value – or a personal value of the photographs or videos contained within the equipment. For whatever purpose you carry photographic gear you will eventually end up leaving it in your vehicle unattended. You know you should not...
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How to Find a Stolen Camera – Stolen Camera Finder

POSTED August 30th 2011 BY Beth Williams
It’s a good guess that if you Googled the term “how to find a stolen camera” you are not having a good day, as this is not something anyone wants to experience – especially if you are a professional photographer. Losing or having your camera stolen can really upset your travels, especially when it comes to the irreplaceable images that were still on the memory card.  Ideally...
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