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Where The Most Germs Live in Airports and on Airplanes-It’s Not Where You Think!

POSTED February 6th 2024 BY Travel Writer
If you travel on planes for business or pleasure, you’ll encounter hidden germs along the way from the airport to the airplane. Knowing where the most germs on airplanes are and where the most germs in the airports are could mean the difference in keeping you healthy on your next trip. Good health is everything when you travel because you want to enjoy your adventure....
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How to Beat Jet Lag

POSTED March 3rd 2023 BY Travel Writer
How to Beat Jet Lag Quickly and Safely If you’ve ever traveled across time zones, you know that jet lag can be debilitating and can influence your normal circadian rhythm, making you tired too early in the day or causing you to wake up too early in the morning.  Jet lag can specifically cause physical fatigue and mental fog. Beating jet lag is all about...
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Over the Counter Travel Medications You Should Always Pack

POSTED January 8th 2023 BY Travel Writer
The 8 most purchased must-pack over-the-counter travel medications you should pack. It never fails if you’re going to get sick while away from home, it’ll happen at night when the stores are closed or somewhere when you’re a distance from a town with a drug store, and the worst scenario is it happens in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language. So be...
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PillMap Medication Guide – Why You Shouldn’t Travel Without it!

POSTED February 11th 2021 BY Travel Writer
Welcome to Kimber Westmore, inventor of the PillMap a new and clever item to simplify life and travel. Read how the PillMap solves a problem for people taking multiple medications with a management system that easily updates as medications change. This could be a lifesaver! Article by Kimber Westmore PillMapTM – Don’t Fly Without it!  Did you know that 43 percent of Americans take at...
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In-Flight Travel Essentials to Upgrade Your Flight

POSTED November 22nd 2020 BY Travel Writer
Whether you’re flying domestic or international you’ll want to make the time you spend in your seat as comfortable as possible, especially if you’re in economy class.  Keep these in-flight travel essentials always packed in a small bag with your luggage; that way they’re ready to go when you are. Buying ahead will save you money on any last-minute purchases at the airport and reduce...
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What You Can Do to Prevent DVT In Flight

POSTED March 14th 2020 BY Travel Writer
You’ve heard that you should take measures to prevent dvt in flight. You’re smart to think about preventing deep vein thrombosis or DVT in your legs during a long flight and dangers of a clot traveling and becoming a pulmonary embolism. Do you have an upcoming flight that is longer, and is there anything you can do to minimize your chances of getting a potentially...
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How to Sleep on a Plane

POSTED March 3rd 2020 BY Travel Writer
Sleeping onboard an aircraft is tough but following the advice of seasoned travelers on how to sleep on a plane is a good start to getting the rest you crave. Selecting the right seat can make a difference, some seats are better than others if you want to sleep.  Read on to learn how to avoid noisy passengers and other annoyances of a red-eye flight....
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How to Prepare for Any Medical Emergency While Traveling

POSTED February 9th 2020 BY Travel Writer
Don’t let the fear of a medical emergency while traveling stop you from traveling. Prepare for an emergency or even a small health-related inconvenience and then begin packing your bag. You can fall sick, experience a minor injury, or have an accident anywhere in the world. It’s just easier if a medical emergency happens at home because you have quick and easy access to care...
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