Anti-Theft Waist Packs and Hip Packs for Hands-Free Travel

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Security Waist And Hip Packs For Hands-Free Peace Of Mind Traveling

Travel with Peace of Mind – Use a Security Waist Pack or Hip Pack

Question: While out enjoying the sights, using public transportation, shopping or dining, where do you carry your wallet, passport, money, credit cards camera, and other valuables while enjoying the freedom of free hands? If you use a regular waist pack or purse, they can easily give you a false sense of security, no matter how close to your body you carry them. If you use an anti-theft waist pack or purse, it offers more than peace of mind.

What if your documents were stolen? Imagine your frustration, and the precious amount of vacation time wasted on making police reports, notifying credit card companies, and waiting in line at the local embassy to obtain a replacement passport and/or identification documents.

The photo to the right was taken at a police station on a Saturday afternoon in Barcelona, Spain. Notice the many people, mainly tourists, who are in line just to get in the door…..another 10 people are inside waiting too. Guess what type of report most of these people are waiting to report…You guessed it – theft, theft, theft, and more theft.

Nothing will spoil your vacation more than having to wait in a line like this to make a report so you
can fly home and or get a replacement passport.

An Anti-Theft or Security Travel Hip Pack is a Strong DefenseDaymakers anti-theft waist pack with organizer

A security waist pack, or anti-theft fanny pack, looks like a regular waist pack from the outside, but it’s the built-in security features that make it stand out.

What Makes Security Fanny Packs so Special?

Security waist packs provide protection for your valuables in several ways. The following is a breakdown of the most common security features found in security fanny packs.

Rear Strap Reinforced with Steel Cables

Street thieves know that tourists carry valuables in their waist packs. The rear strap of a waist pack is very vulnerable. Thieves know that the rear strap of a waist pack is usually made of a material that is easy to cut with a pair is scissors or knife. It only takes a second to cut the back strap of a regular waist pack and have it fall. To combat cutting most security waist packs have flexible steel cables integrated into the rear straps. The steel cables do not affect the comfort of the straps.

This exclusive design feature keeps the strap from being sliced by a razor blade or knife from behind. Slicing the back strap of waist packs is common on busy streets, in tourist areas, and on crowded train platforms by thieves. The rear strap of the security waist packs are adjustable like a regular waist pack and typically expand from 29 inches to 42 inches. Adjustable strap extensions, extend the length of the strap an additional 20 inches and are available as an accessory. Here is a photograph of a rear strap of a security waist pack with the outer material cut away. The two flexible stainless steel cables are woven into the sides of the strap with double stitching.

Zipper Security Technology Protects the Main CompartmentTravelon anti-theft classic convertible waist pack

The security waist packs below feature zippers that lock and latch down to keep out hands other than your own.

Waist Strap Buckle Security

All of the security fanny packs incorporate a hidden buckle feature that covers or hides the strap buckle; this prevents it from being easily squeezed open by someone else allowing the bag to drop off you and into their waiting hands.

RFID Blocking Technology

Many credit cards, passports, and licenses now contain Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips which contain your personal data and account information. Stop “electronic pickpockets” from accessing your personal identity information by placing your RFID-enabled cards in RFID blocking pockets.

Materials: The security waist packs are available in a variety of materials:

1. Ballistic Nylon

Originally developed for use in bulletproof vests, genuine 1050 denier ballistic nylon is one of the toughest fabrics in the world.  The number 1050 “denier” refers to the weight of the fiber that goes into making a fabric. 1050 denier is a heavier fabric which is strong and abrasion resistant. This is a more rugged looking material, similar to that which carry-on luggage is made out of.

2. Feather-Weight Nylon

Sturdy yet lightweight is the best combination of fabric features when it comes to wearing a hip pack. These new designs are made with the latest fabric technology.


Waist packs or hip packs come in various sizes, some can be converted to fit onto your own belt, and a few can be worn in other ways, making them versatile travel bags, not just waist bags.

Under-Clothing Styles

You can find many styles to wear under your clothing. These styles offer discreet protection of your valuables with built-in anti-theft features.

Fashionable and Stylish Bags you can Wear Crossbody Style tooquilted fanny pack

Smart travelers find gear that serves multiple purposes. Now you use one bag and wear it two different ways eliminating the packing of a second bag.

Typical Pickpocket Scams Which a Security Travel Hip-Pack will Foil

Here are a couple of theft modus operandi.  You may even know someone who has fallen victim to one of them.

Cardboard Children Scam

First off, a disclaimer. The term gypsy used is made in reference to a specific segment of the Roma population who support themselves through various organized criminal activities, and who call themselves Gypsies. The majority of Romany people are not criminals.

While not restricted to Europe, the “cardboard children” can be seen unabashedly choosing their victims, confronting them and making off with their valuables. This is how they operate. Roving bands of usually 6 to 10 children of various ages, confront you while holding a piece of cardboard. Usually, the cardboard has something written on it like “Food Please” or some other sympathetic plea. You are poked by the cardboard being shoved up against you. The purpose of the cardboard is to distract. While the gypsy children swarm you and press the cardboard against your body, they also create a scene by shouting and begging for money or candy. The distraction desensitizes your body to the feel of little hands entering pockets, wallets, purses, unsecured waist packs, or even cutting the strap of a waist pack or purse. The raucous event can take less than 30 seconds. As the pack of children dissipates, you regain your composure until you realize your valuable property is missing.

Train Platform Scam

This scam is frequently reported to take place on train/subway platforms, as well as on subways and buses. The crime almost always occurs when a crowd is present, allowing the thief to get very close behind an unsuspecting traveler.  Due to the many people, it does not raise suspicion to be standing so close.  When the train pulls up to the platform, everyone begins to “pulse” towards the opening door.  When this occurs, the thief naturally presses up against your backside, unbuckles your unsecured waist pack, or more brazenly cuts the rear strap with scissors or razor blade allowing the bag to drop or slide off.

This is all quickly accomplished and goes unnoticed by you and fellow passengers caught in the chaos of boarding.  A few moments later you go to place your hand on your pack, discovering its disappearance while the train or bus begins to move. A few seconds prior it fell into the hands of the “slight of hand” expert who removed it and most likely placed it in a shopping bag to conceal it. Often the thief does not stay on the train. Many times he simply turns around and exits the train, leaving you to go on to the next station.