Luggage Security

Luggage Handlers Caught on Video Mishandling Your Bags

POSTED March 10th 2017 BY Beth Williams
Don’t pack valuables or breakables in check luggage Ever wonder what happens with your luggage when you give it to the airlines?  Most of the time…nothing…. You pick up your luggage at your final destination and you are on your way.  However, ever wonder why luggage becomes damaged when the airlines handle it….or why you should be careful about placing items of value in your...
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Best Tips to Prevent Lost Luggage

POSTED December 16th 2015 BY Travel Writer
It happens….. you arrive at your destination and watch the baggage carousel go around and around until the last bag is picked up, and then it hits you, you bag is lost. Every year, over two million bags are lost, damaged, delayed, or pilfered, according to “mishandled baggage” reports made by the largest U.S. airlines to the Department of Transportation. (That’s about 3.57 reports per 1,000...
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Stop Your Luggage From Being Lost, Tips from Frequent Flyers

POSTED October 28th 2015 BY Travel Writer
You’ve paid the extra fee to check your bag, losing it would add injury to insult.  Here’s what frequent flyers do help insure their checked bags also arrive at their destination. Tips to Prevent Lost Luggage Every year two million bags are lost, damaged, delayed, or pilfered, according to “mishandled baggage” reports made by the largest U.S. airlines to the Department of Transportation. The good...
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Lost, Delayed and Damaged Luggage – Tips You Need to Know Before You Fly

POSTED July 4th 2015 BY Beth Williams
You have either seen it or heard about this gut wrenching experience. Your airplane arrives at your final destination – you walk down to baggage claim – and stand at the baggage carousel for what seems like an eternity. You watch everyone else’s bags come down the conveyor belt. Then the carousel comes to an abrupt stop. You stand there staring at the empty baggage carousel...
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Travel Scams to Avoid on Your Next Trip Overseas

POSTED January 23rd 2015 BY Beth Williams
The Most Common Travel Scams You Have to Know About Before Your Next Trip Learn a few of the tricks that sneak thieves and con artists have waiting in store for you in. The purpose of the scams is to steal from you. The scammers want your possession or your money. You want to hold onto both. So read the below as an eye opener. Be...
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Tips on How to Avoid Lost Luggage

POSTED June 10th 2014 BY Beth Williams
Bags get lost, stolen, opened by dishonest employees, or break open while being handled. The occurrence rate for this is low, but it does happen. Nearly 1.8 million pieces of luggage were lost, stolen, or damaged by major U.S. airlines in 2012—and that’s just on domestic flights.That is a mishandling of 3.09 bags per 1,000 passengers. These tips on how to avoid lost luggage will increase...
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New Smartphone App Checks the Status of Your Luggage and Where it is

POSTED October 29th 2012 BY Beth Williams
Ever been sitting on the plane and wondering whether your bags are too? With the new Delta app feature you can even track your bags while in flight. Delta passengers can download a free smartphone app that features, among other things, a way to for travelers to track their bags, even while in flight.  Whether it’s a flight across the country or across the pond,...
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Understanding Luggage Insurance Offer by the Airlines

POSTED July 15th 2011 BY Beth Williams
Airlines are required by U.S. regulations to compensate travelers for up to $3,300 in the event that checked bags are lost or damaged. But that’s only for domestic travel. For most international flights, bag liability is limited to approximately $9.07 per pound for checked bags, which is virtually nothing (a 30 lb. bag gets you $270 in coverage; note that some international airlines follow a...
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Travel Insurance for Your Luggage

POSTED January 22nd 2010 BY Beth Williams
What Does Travel Insurance Cover? Many of us are tempted to purchase travel insurance just in case the travel gods are not looking after us every leg of our journey. Travel insurance offers some important coverage, however, the theft of your property is another thing. The Policy When you buy a travel insurance policy, you need to ask specific questions, and make sure the answers...
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