Travel Safe 100 A Portable Safe for Your Valuables

Portable Locking Travel Safe

Portable Locking Travel Safe

Pacsafe Travelsafe 5L GII Portable Safe – Portable Security for Valuables.

The TravelSafe 5L GII by Pacsafe is a lightweight, malleable and portable safe for your valuables. You lock it closed, protecting your valuables, and then lock it to a secure fixture so it can’t be stolen, it’s that simple! Featuring laminated exomesh  (a layer of steel mesh embedded in durable nylon), the portable TravelSafe 5L GII  (formerly the Travel Safe 100) cinches and locks closed using an integrated, high-tensile stainless steel cable with padlock and patented locking device. Ideal for travel, pool, office, home, automobile, RVs, dorm or anywhere you need security for your smaller valuables. The Travel Safe 5L GII locks up money, cameras, passports, wallets. The TravelSafe 5L takes up little space and easily flattens for travel.

 Anti Theft Features: 

  • 360 eXomesh locking system
  • Locks closed and locks to fixture
  • TSA accepted 3-dial combination lock included

Additional Features:

  • Lightweight and packs flat
  • iPad / tablet compatible
  • Padded EVA foam laminated and soft brushed Polyester lining
  • Light colored interior for food visibility of contents
  • Water resistant

How Does the Travel Safe Work?

  1. First, you place your valuables into the TravelSafe 5L. It easily holds a digital camera, cell phone, wallet, passport, sunglasses, keys and even fits an iPad.
  2. You then cinch the Travel Safe 5L closed by pulling the stainless steel coil cable which is encased into the top of the pouch. The steel draw cable secures the Pacsafe Travelsafe 5L and is kept firmly closed by a reinforced high-impact resistant polycarbonate locking system and the steel padlock.
  3. After the TravelSafe 5L is locked closed you then wrap the steel cable around or through a stationary device (tree, metal frame of a bike, car seat or bed) and secure the end with the hardened shackle brass padlock, included with each TravelSafe 5L.

Pacsafe Travelsafe 5L’s Built-in Security Cage Protects Your Valuables

slashproof, cut proof, pouchThe Travel Safe 5L security pouch is constructed from a tightly woven, high-tensile, 1½ inch flexible stainless steel wire mesh called eXomesh.
This patented interlocking security system security feature is laminated between two rugged, weather resistant pieces of waterproof nylon.
The inside of the Travel Safe has an additional inner canvas layer which provides added protection of the bags contents..

What’s Unique About the Exterior or the Travel Safe?

Its design…Period! Nothing else like it is on the market. First of all it is lightweight and is easily packed.  The travelsafe is constructed with the Pac Safe patented “eXomesh” interlocking security system process, which focuses around the strength of stainless steel-mesh security. The Travel Safe security pouch is constructed from high-tensile, 1½ inch flexible stainless steel wire, which is laminated between two rugged, weather-resistant pieces of water resistant nylon. The inside of the Travel Safe has an additional inner canvas layer which provides added protection of the bags contents.

The Travel Safe 100 patented construction process, the first of its kind, was designed to frustrate slash-and-run and casual thieves alike. Most casual thieves are opportunists and are casually walking around beaches, hotels, and other locations looking for property they can easily pick up and walk away with. This product prevents this type of theft.

The Travel Safe is by no means completely theft-proof, no security item is.  Given enough time and the proper tools, you could get into this pouch. However the majority of thieves who target tourists and travelers don’t walk around with bolt cutters and hammers and they certainly don’t have unlimited time to breach security devices.

Where to Use the Travel Safe

The Travel Safe 100 or travelsafe 5L can be used anywhere that opportunistic theft is a risk, Here are just a few popular locations:

Hotel Rooms

If you stay in a hotel which does not have a room safe, or you do not want to pay the additional charge to use the in-room safe, what do you do. Some travelers use the security deposit box at the front desk, but many simply do not want to bother.

Many travelers simply “hide” their items of value at places they think a thief or a “Thieving Maid” would not find. Unfortunately, most people who have stolen before know the most common places that travelers use to hide property. This is where the Travel Safe works best. You simply secure your items in the Travel Safe and secure it to anyone one of a number of stationary locations within a hotel room. Some travelers have locked the Travel Safe around a hotel door handle or radiator pipe, and then hung a towel over it so no one would be the wiser. Others have locked it to a metal desk or table and covered in with a piece of clothing. Other locations have included wrapped around the back tank of the room toilet.


You rent a motorcycle while traveling, are simply out for a day trip, or are a courier, where do you secure your valuables if you don’t want to carry them? If you have locking saddle bags, they help, but the locks are not very sturdy. If the saddle bags are leather, they are easily slashed. The Travel Safe is simply locked to the bike frame.

In Cars

Rental cars and convertibles are easy targets for thieves to steal property, however the Travel Safe solves the issues by allowing you to secure the safe to the inside hinge of the car trunk or under the car seat to the frame bracket.

Boats – Personal Water Craft

Going to go to the boat dock to pick up a few items or have lunch or go into town? Use the Travel Safe to lock up your property.

At Campgrounds

Going to take a shower or go for a walk? Don’t think hiding your property will do the trick. Deploy the Travel Safe 100 around a tree or stationary object like a pole.

Pool  /Beach

One of the most common locations where people are victimized is at the beach or pool while they are away from their belongings. Use the Travel Safe 100 to secure your items while surfing or snorkeling. Simply secure the safe to a tree, chair or other  large/ stationary item.

Trains, Buses and Ferries

Anyone who has traveled abroad has heard the horror stories of someone falling asleep on a train or ferry, only to wake and find some of their property stolen by gypsies or thieves. Independent travelers can now nap without worry. By locking the Travel Safe to the seats of trains, buses and ferries, your valuables will be secure and you’ll rest peacefully.

How Big is it and How Much Does it Hold?

  • Dimensions: (H x W x D): 16.3″ x 10.4″ x 0.5″
  • Weight: 1 lb 2 oz
  • Volume: 5 L / 305 cubic inches


Pacsafe offer a 5 year warrantee on the Travel Safe 100 / Travelsafe 5L.

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