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How To Prevent Your Hotel Door Lock From Being Opened by Hotel a Hotel Burglar

Unfortunately, thefts from hotel rooms have been a problem for years.  While it may not be a terrible problem, it is still one to be considered by travelers – especially those who travel internationally.  Again, I need to point out – most people who stay in hotels, never have a problem.  It is always a small percentage of people in the world that commit crimes against travelers – and those that do, are usually creatures of habit.  These types of thieves know that travelers have items of value and tend to be “good pickings” as some thieves may say.

While many may think that it is hard to get into a hotel room without a key – depending on the type and style of hotel lock…that may not be the case.

Watch the video below, and you’ll realize that secure is not a word to be associated with hotel doors. The demonstrator of this video is Barry Wels aka The Key, founder and president of “Tool,” the Open Organization of Lock pickers - a lock pick sport group in the Netherlands. The video above was created as part of a presentation for the IT-Defense security congress in Germany.

You can see in the video how he inserts the wire under the door, hooks the handle on the inside and opens the door in a matter of seconds.

When you watch this video, you may give second thoughts to leaving items of value in your hotel room when you are away - however, watch the video until the end. There’s a simple way to prevent someone from using this to open your “secure” hotel door.  Note that this video was taken of a hotel room in Europe - many hotel room doors in the United States have a rounded handle on the inside door lock preventing this from happening.

Other ways how hotel thieves gain entry into hotel rooms when you are inside the room.



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