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Portable Door Lock
  • Portable Door Lock
  • Portable Door Lock
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  • Portable Door Lock

Portable Door Lock


Model: 595XC

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The Portable Door Lock is Effective on Both Lever and Knob Style Doors


The Portable Door Lock provides a layer of security and peace of mind from a locked door being opened with a key or jimmied open while you're inside the room. Use the Portable Door Lock in addition to the door’s built-in locks.

Is your room key the only one that will open the door while you are bathing or asleep inside your hotel room? The Portable Door Lock provides peace of mind when you have concerns about the integrity of the door lock or where your key may not be the only one to your room in your Airbnb, hotel, office, dormitory etc.

This portable lock can be used on almost all internal doors that open towards the area to be secured. It stops most doors from being opened from outside the room, even if someone has a key.

The Portable Door Lock Secures Doors Without Locks Too

The Portable Door Lock secures interior doors which do not have a lock too such as bathroom or bedroom doors. 

Portable Door Lock Features

  • Lightweight and easy to pack or carry
  • Compact, about the size of two pens side by side (5" x 1")
  • Constructed of steel 
  • Made in the USA 

Video of the Portable Door Lock


Stops Entry - Even with a Key!

This portable door lock stops unwanted entry even by someone with a key. It cannot be "picked" so will stay in place even when the doorknob is turned, or if the lock is picked or broken.

Portable Hotel Door Lock

The Portable Door Lock’s primary function is to prevent strangers to unwanted maids from entering your hotel room. However, it is good to use in any situation where you want the additional protection from someone entering your room with a master key while you are inside.  

Portable Door Lock is Easy to Use and Installs /Removes in Seconds 

The Portable Door Lock is extremely simple to use, no tools or complicated instructions to follow.  The lock installs and removes in seconds. 

To Use the Portable Door Lock

  • Open an inward-opening door
  • Squeeze and slide lock back (illustration exists on the packaging)
  • Insert hook into door strike plate (again, package illustration shows you how to proceed)
  • Close door
  • Slide lock forward and the door is secured.
  • A quick-release feature allows for fast emergency exit by just reversing the process - takes less than a second.

Solid Steel Construction

Made from heavy gauge steel, the Portable Door Lock is solidly made, unlike many similar plastic and aluminum products.

Who Should use the Portable Door Lock?

The Portable Door Lock provides secondary security for:

  • Travelers
  • College Students
  • Singles
  • At-Home Moms

The Portable Door Lock Provides Effective Safety and Protection for:

  • Airbnb, VRBO, Rentals etc
  • Hotels, Motels, Hostels
  • Bed & Breakfasts
  • Residential Homes/Apartments
  • Dormitories, Fraternities, and Sororities
  • Bathrooms/Bedrooms


Special Use for Hotel Rooms with Adjoining Hotel Room Doors

Some hotel rooms have a door to an adjoining room, consideration should be given to using the Portable Door Lock on both the entrance door and any connecting inner door of a hotel room.

Great Airbnb Portable Security Device

Airbnb's are very popular today, however. you don't always know the level of security of the Airbnb's locks on the doors. That's where this simple portable door lock can be of use.


Use the Portable Door Lock at Home - Condo - Apartment

Now you have a quick and easy to install door security device that can help you secure many of your home’s access points including:

  • Front door
  • Rear or back door
  • Basement door
  • Garage door that allows entry to your home

The Portable Door Lock requires no installation, no locksmith, no handyman, no husband or boyfriend. Installs in less than a minute and is removable even faster. 

If you own or rent a condo, you know that many have policies that state you cannot add another lock to your door. This is due to the requirement that you cannot drill a hole through the door as the outside of the door belongs to the building’s common elements. Use the Portable Door Lock while you are home. Don’t let the superintendent, cleaning staff, repair people or anyone else enter when you are home without your permission. 

Great Child Protection Device

The Portable Door Lock provides another layer of security to help keep your young child in your room with you while you sleep. 

Many parents have told us that their young child had slept with them in their room, but had awoken during the night and left their room because the bedroom door simply opened with the turn of the knob. The Portable Door Lock provides that extra layer of security that may help prevent a child from leaving your room unannounced.



Whether a door can be opened by force is a function of several things including - the doorframe, the door itself (hollow core or solid) and the locking device. Any of these might give way under the right circumstances.

Made in USA door lock page

The Portable Door Lock works only on doors that swing inward toward the living space. 

Note: Using any door stop, door deadbolt, chain, or similar device could delay emergency personnel from entering the room in case of an emergency. Consider all scenarios prior to engaging these types of devices.



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Portable Door Lock Specifications

  • Weight: 1.7 ounces
  • Size: 1 x 5 inches
  • Includes: Instructions with pictures on the back of the package
  • Color: Black & Gold

Portable Door Lock Features Solid Steel Construction

  • Made from heavy gauge steel, the Portable Door Lock is solidly made, unlike many similar plastic and aluminum products.

Portable Door Lock Features

  • Convenient and compact easy-to-carry size 
  • Easy to use, no tools needed for installation.
  • Fast release for quick emergency escapes.
  • All metal construction for superior strength
  • Fits most standard doors that open inwards
  • Prevents unauthorized room entry
  • Locks door securely 
  • No keys or codes required
  • Fitted or released in seconds
  • Overrides master keys, cards or picksMade in the USA



  • The Portable Door Lock works only on doors that swing inward toward the living space.

  • Note: Using any door stop, door deadbolt, chain, or similar device could delay emergency personnel from entering the room in case of emergency. Consider all scenarios prior to engaging these types of devices.


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Great idea!


Have had an aluminum one made in Taiwan for 25 years; was afraid to use it because it was so flimsy. I jumped at the chance to get steel ones and American made ones. These are real sturdy considering what I had previously. They are not "bullet proof" meaning if law enforcement were to use a battering ram, they could get through it. But that is what it would probably take as opposed to putting a shoulder to the door.


It doesn't fit the inside of a front door. I had the info. that it must open towards you, but there is an extra flange on a front door. I can see that it's for a bedroom or hotel room.


Looks good, and appears to work well.


It works and simple to use. Added security during travel, especially staying in Airbnb or hostels.


Was looking for something to jam a door closed from the inside while at home or traveling after the bag containing my portable Presto-lock went missing. It's simple to use, compact and light weight, however, the black bar that goes into the strike plate is flexible and I am not sure how much pressure it would take to snap it and defeat the device. Have not had anyone try to force my door yet, so will have to see. My old Prestolock stood up to the force of a determined, but failed intruder while I was showering. Not sure if this device would snap under same kind of pressure. The bar also has a rough jagged edge.


It seems to be working fine. I haven't had it long enough to tell.


Have not tried it yet.


Received "Portable Door Lock" A.O.K. Works fine, except I had to improve on it a bit since it tends to bend toward the side a bit when door is forced. No big deal. Thanks again. Satisfied.