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Zipper Locks
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  • Zipper Locks
  • Zipper Locks

Zipper Locks, Set of 4


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Zipper Locks - Quickly Secure Zippers of Purses, Travel Bags, Day Bags, and Backpacks

Have peace of mind knowing that even skilled pickpockets won't be able to open up the zipper compartment of your purse, travel bag, or backpack without your knowledge. Walk through crowded streets, tourist attractions and ride public transportation relaxed knowing your exposed zippers are secured and your gear safe.

Zipper Locks stop the casual unzipping of your bag by someone else. These zipper locks are small and lightweight, look like miniature carabiners. Your zippers have a visual and physical theft deterrent with these zipper locks.

Use Zipper Locks on  Double or Dual Zippers

Zipper Lock for backpacks and daypacks Corporate Travel Safety

Dual or double zippers are commonly found on 

  • Backpacks
  • Duffels
  • Suitcases
  • Purses 

Backpack Zipper Locks

The most common use of Zipper Locks is to secure the rear compartments of backpacks and daypacks. Anyone who has ever carried a pack on their back is keenly aware how vulnerable the rear zippered compartments are - especially when worn in crowded environments such as in subways, trains, escalators or even while walking in crowds.


How Zipper Locks Secure Double Zippers

Zipper locks are unique small carabineers, also known as biners, that lock zipper pulls together. The zipper locks are made exclusively to secure the double zippers on any zippered compartment that has zipper pulls with holes in the pulls. These zipper locks will discourage anyone but you from opening your bag.

How the Zipper Lock Attaches to a Bag Zipper

Simply depress the spring loaded clip on one end of the zipper lock and slip one end of the zipper lock into the eyelet of the zipper pull. Connect the two zippers together and then attach the other side of the zipper lock gate to the remaining zipper pull and the zippered compartment is secure. That’s it!

Use Zipper Locks to Secure Single Zippers Too

If you only have a single zipper pull such as on a purse or small zippered compartment on a travel bag or backpack, you can still lock these compartments down with a little modification. Attach a one or two-inch safety pin (not included) through the bag fabric near the end of where the zipper closes. Attach the zipper lock to the single zipper pull and then secure it to the safety pin.


Zipper Locks set of 4 from Corporate Travel Safety

Each Order Includes:

(4) Stainless Steel Zipper Locks: 




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Video Demonstration of the Zipper Lock Securing a Travel Bag's Zipper

Includes 4 Individual Zipper Locks


  • (2) Small Zipper Locks - Dimensions: 1.5” x .50” 
  • Lock Material: Weather-resistant 202 stainless steel with black matte finish
  • Lock Gate Material: Weather-resistant 202 stainless steel with black matte finish
  • Color: Black Matte
Note: These zipper locks will only work on zipper pulls that have holes in the pulls.


Received today and installed on a traveling purse. I feel more secure with locks on the purse.


Clips were easy to use, convenient and worthwhile, definitely better than paperclips! Delivery was very timely and right when they said it would be. This is a great company to order from.




Great product, discrete but effective. Shipping was very fast too. Would purchase again.


Travel Safety is very professional :-)


Great value. These worked perfectly for my backpack. Thanks