Top 9 Carry-On Essentials For Everyone

BY Travel Writer
Travelon Anti-theft Classic Plus Convertible Multipurpose Backpack

Anti-theft Convertible Multipurpose Backpack

Carrying the right items in your antitheft convertible carry-on bag can make a huge difference between a comfortable or miserable flight. Whether you’re on board for 1 hour or 12 hours, we’ve pulled together a list of the top essential items proven to make your flight a smooth and pleasant experience.

    1. Komfort Kollar Inflatable Travel Pillow
    2. Get a good sleep while sitting up! This pillow’s unique design prevents painful neck cramps and your head from falling forward or to the side. Inflate the pillow with just a few discreet puffs, and deflate for packing. Designed by a spine surgeon, this pillow is made to support the chin, neck, and spine from every angle for a comfortable, pain-free flight.
    3. Airplane Pressure Reducing Ear Filters
      Stop the painful effects from changes in cabin pressure and eliminate uncomfortable “ear popping” during flight. These ear filters are washable, hygienic, and easy to use. Wear throughout the flight to reduce noise on board for a peaceful journey.

      Komfort Kollar

      Komfort Kollar

    4. RFIDsafe V150 Blocking Compact Organizer
      Keep your travel documents, cash and credit cards safe and secure with this compact, zippered organizer. It can hold 1-2 passports, an itinerary, boarding passes, train tickets, credit cards, ID’s, and a large cell phone (such as an iPhone 7). Detach the straps to use as a wallet or wear as a crossbody or wristlet. It’s RFID blocking, so your data and personal information are safe from scammers with RFID readers.
    5. Cocoon CoolMax Travel Blanket w/ Pouch
      To defray costs, most major airlines do not launder their passenger blankets until they are visibly dirty. Think about the countless number of passengers that will have used your blanket – or sneezed and drooled on it – before you. The luxurious CoolMax blanket is as warm as a bulkier blanket, yet takes up far less space because of its soft, jersey-like fabric. It compresses for easy storage in your carry-on, and takes up as much space as a soda can!
    6. Dry Buds Waterproof Headphones 
      Listen to music while swimming, lounging poolside, or shredding the mountain! These headphones are waterproof and totally submersible up to 10 feet.
    7. In-Flight Device & Cup Holder
      Cocoon travel blanket

      Cocoon Travel Blanket

      Watch your phone or tablet at eye level and secure your drink without using the space-robbing, germ-infested tray table. Enjoy extra legroom by keeping the tray table in its locked position while easily viewing your device and securing a beverage!

    8. TSA-Approved Liquid Containers + Zip Top Bag
      Pack your toiletries in your carry-on and pass through the TSA checkpoint with ease. The TSA requires all liquid carry-on items to be in travel bottles no larger than 3 ounces and carried in a one-quart clear plastic bag. This set includes four quality bottles and two jars to carry the liquid essentials you may need on your trip.

9.Compression Bags
Pack more and organize your clothes better while maximizing space in your luggage. These TSA-compliant bags are a solution for wet or dirty clothes and are helpful for your return trip when bringing home purchased items. Just pack, zill, and roll!

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