Top Pickpocket Locations London Subways

POSTED September 14th 2017 BY kevin4371
While London tops many traveler’s lists as one of their must-see cities to visit in Europe, certain London’s subway lines are tops with pickpockets. The busier the station or line is with travelers the busier it is with pickpockets.  Make sure you are safe from pickpockets while using the London Underground or Tube so you don’t waste precious vacation time in a police station making...
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England – Beware of ‘Hugger Muggers” in the UK

POSTED October 14th 2013 BY Beth Williams
In the UK, especially in London, Camden, and Westminster, law enforcement has seen a definite rise in theft of wallets and cell phones by what are being called “hugger muggers.”   This type of crime is committed by pickpockets who appear to specifically target club-goers and late-night revelers.  The pickpockets, who are both men and women will walk up to someone either inside or exiting a...
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England – London Pickpockets Use Map to Find Victims

POSTED May 6th 2010 BY Beth Williams
London has always been a pickpocket’s delight, filled with potential victims. London newspapers recently reported that a family of Bulgarian pickpockets stole more than 100,000 pounds sterling from tube and bus passengers across London.  According to the paper, the gang operated out of a rented home in Manor House, north London, which they rented for £1,000-a-month. Law enforcement reported that up to 10 pickpockets lived...
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Secrets of a London Pickpocket

POSTED February 15th 2010 BY Beth Williams
The following is an article written by a former European pickpocket.  It gives an interesting perspective into how a professional pickpocket operates.  Take this article with a grain of salt.  Their is no way to verify that the person who wrote the article is in fact a pickpocket, and most people would agree a pickpocket would be hard pressed to talk about his/her exploits in...
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