Packing Tips

8 Items Frequent Flyers Pack, And You Should Too!

POSTED December 1st 2016 BY Ellen
These items frequent flyers pack are clever and offer so many uses. Savvy travelers pack all or some these items. Be prepared for any situation. Power Strip Outlet shortage at the airport? A multi-socket power strip helps share the juice from a single public outlet. Forgot your charging iPod in your hotel room? By plugging all of your electronics into the same place, you’ll be...
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Why You Need to Pack a Portable Travelsafe

POSTED October 14th 2016 BY Travel Writer
Your laptop, phone, and wallet are not just valuable to you, they are valuable to others too, so protect your gear virtually anywhere with a portable travelsafe. Safes are no longer just metal boxes, and they’re definitely not just for homes. Portable travel safes offer security in hotels, vacation rentals, vehicles, RVs, boats, offices, dorms, and even outdoors!  The latest safe designs are portable, packable...
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2016 Top 5 Travel Apps

POSTED July 22nd 2016 BY Travel Writer
Apps are intended to make every part of your life easier especially while traveling. Travel Apps vary from helping you pack less, to planning trips intelligently, to even having access to world maps and languages that can help you communicate and travel easily within your destination. Here are 5 mobile apps you need to check out for your travel plans in 2016. Hopper- Airfare Predictions...
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Your Guide to Glamping

POSTED June 1st 2016 BY Travel Writer
What is Glamping? Glamping is all in the name. It is a glamorous way of camping and one of the latest travel trends. Forget the stress of bringing a tent, sleeping bag, and the extra layers of clothes for warmth. Glamping pivots on a high level of service that focuses on the complete comfort of the guests. Offered in almost every continent in the world...
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Packing Tips & Advice to Pack Smart and Light

POSTED December 8th 2015 BY Travel Writer
Never Over-Pack Again- Advice to Pack Smart and Travel Light Follow these proven packing tips and advice from professional and frequent travelers. You’ll reduce your chances of over-packing or forgetting a must have item while keeping your bag as light as possible.  On  your next trip take the time to pack ahead and not last minute so that you can follow the below packing advice....
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Fall In Love With Packing

POSTED October 2nd 2015 BY Travel Writer
So you’ve booked your flight, hotel and rental car, now all that’s left to do is stuff your entire closet into a bag. Let’s face it; the best part of travel is not packing. We often worry about having enough options, over packing our suitcase, making sure it’s within airline weight restrictions and much more. We have put together three packing items that will make...
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Pack Smart, Pack Light and Pack Right

POSTED August 20th 2014 BY Travel Writer
Your best chance of packing just the right amount of clothes is to plan what you will wear each day or by activity re-using as many items as possible. How to pack a suitcase is a bit of an art.  Think a long sleeve shirt could be a light jacket over a t-shirt or be worn separately.  Over-packing will also leave less room in your suitcase...
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Tips on How to Avoid Lost Luggage

POSTED June 10th 2014 BY Ellen
Bags get lost, stolen, opened by dishonest employees, or break open while being handled. The occurrence rate for this is low, but it does happen. Nearly 1.8 million pieces of luggage were lost, stolen, or damaged by major U.S. airlines in 2012—and that’s just on domestic flights.That is a mishandling of 3.09 bags per 1,000 passengers. These tips on how to avoid lost luggage will increase...
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Packing Fragile Items

POSTED January 22nd 2014 BY Ellen
If you’re traveling with small breakables or a bottle of wine or “spirits” you now can pack them with confidence that they won’t spill or break in your bag with the new  inflatable protectors. They’re reusable and worth the investment.  They’ll keep your item secure and the other contents of your bag clean, especially if it is oil you’re packed.  The other option is to...
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