Shopping While Traveling

Best Travel Gifts for 2016 Under $100

POSTED November 23rd 2016 BY Travel Writer
Can’t figure out what to get your favorite traveler? The editors of Corporate Travel Safety (CTS) have put together a list of 7 useful items that ever traveler must have. From packing to hotel safety, CTS has you covered.   All-in-One, Adapter, Converter & USB Charger All in One Travel Converter The Travelon Universal 3 in 1 Converter and Adapter is what you need when...
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Mall Safety Tips for the Holiday Season

POSTED November 16th 2015 BY Beth Williams
Trying to make your way through crowded malls while carrying your jacket, juggling bags, and keeping your child from breaking anything you can’t afford to buy makes you an attractive target to criminals looking to grab wallets, purses and your purchases. Here are a few mall safety tips that can help keep you and your valuables safe from would-be mall thieves. Here are a few...
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Purchasing Fake Gemstones Overseas “Caveat Emptor” – Let the Buyer Beware

POSTED April 26th 2015 BY Travel Writer
Purchasing Fake Gemstones Overseas “Caveat Emptor” – Let the Buyer Beware When traveling overseas (especially in Asia) you may tempted to purchase gemstones which are often offered at a deep discount too good to be true. Do you get caught up in the “traveling moment” and make a special purchase, or do you think twice about it because you’re a “smart traveler” educated in overseas...
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Guide to Bargaining and Shopping Overseas

POSTED January 22nd 2015 BY Beth Williams
Shopping Overseas “Caveat Emptor” Let the Buyer Beware! The Art of Bargaining One of the oldest and most basic shopping skills is bargaining, but many westerners have completely lost the art.  This is especially true when visiting open-air markets and bazaars, where bargaining is the accepted and an expected method of setting a price.  Many of Europe’s top outdoor markets are a great place to practice...
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