Spain – Video of Distraction Thieves Stealing from Tourists in Barcelona

POSTED January 12th 2014 BY Beth Williams
Barcelona Beach Thefts If there are tourists there will be thieves to take advantage of them. Distraction thefts can occur anywhere, especially in locations where thieves know they can find tourists like at this beach in Barcelona, Spain.  Watch these set of thieves do a simple distraction and steal their mark’s  travel bag.  Always be alert whenever you set your valuables down – as you...
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Spain – How Women Carry Their Handbags in Barcelona

POSTED March 3rd 2013 BY Beth Williams
Pickpockets in Barcelona  love crowds and distracted tourists. The following video shows how women carry their purses while walking down the Ramblas in Barcelona, Spain.  Note how many women hold their purse or handbag in front of them, have purses that have short straps which ride high in their arm pit, or clutch their bags tightly – all in response to  safeguarding their valuables from...
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Spain – Barcelona Pickpocket Crime Map

POSTED April 23rd 2010 BY Beth Williams
Check Out the Below Web Pages for More Pickpocket Prevention Information in Spain Barcelona Pickpocket Crime Map A new pickpocket map of theft in Barcelona has sprung up on the internet.  The website is written by victims and witnesses of pickpockets is being documented in Google Maps. Another special webpage on FaceBook also opened up lately which does the same thing – the webpage –  Facebook...
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Spain – “The Ronaldinho Method” of Pickpocketing

POSTED April 16th 2010 BY Beth Williams
Thieves soliciting passersby on the popular Ramblas in Barcelona, Spain use a sports icon’s name to define their skill Interesting how life imitates art – this time pickpockets are taking on the actions of one of the world’s best known soccer stars in Spain. It appears that a new pickpocket trend is rearing its head in Barcelona,Spain.  Pickpockets are starting to use a new to...
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Spain – More Pickpocket and Travel Scams

POSTED March 23rd 2010 BY Beth Williams
The following are additional web pages that cover pickpocket prevention information in Spain As mentioned in previous postings, Barcelona is a fabulous city, providing that one is well prepared for the pickpockets who are judged the most skilled in Europe – especially if you are a tourist visiting the city for the first time.  The previous web pages outlined numerous pickpocket scams that occur in Barcelona,...
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Spain – Fake Police Scam in Barcelona

POSTED March 21st 2010 BY Beth Williams
The fake police scam in Barcelona alleges that the police are looking for counterfeit money. While this tourist scam is found in different parts of the world  it seems to be reported much more in Barcelona, Span.  The scam works like this. First, the thieves look for obvious, unsuspecting tourists that are walking in an area that does not have a lot of foot traffic....
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