Train and Rail Travel Tips

Top Subway Pickpocket & Scam Tips

POSTED July 9th 2016 BY Beth Williams
Subways are prime hunting grounds for pickpockets – especially during times when they are packed with international travelers.  While using subways are Most people don’t think about how not to fall victim to a pickpocket or a scam when planning a trip. However, a little thought about how not to fall victim to theft in crowded locations, like subways, and a little clever planning about...
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Train Security Information

POSTED April 7th 2016 BY Beth Williams
Train travel is not what it used to be, have you heard that?  It can be a fast and sometimes faster now than in days gone by,  and it’s often an inexpensive form of transport, not only between cities but between countries.  One of the benefits of travel by rail is that you have a chance to see the countryside, something that travel by plane...
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How to Avoid Train and Metro Ticket Machine Scams

POSTED December 27th 2015 BY Travel Writer
How to Avoid Train and Metro Scams – Part 1 Ticket Machine Scams Listen-Up fellow travelers. When traveling overseas, travelers can fall victim to a variety of travel scams – and one area that stands out is train and metro stations. This is part 1 of a two-part audio presentation from Detective Kevin Coffey and specifically focuses on how to avoid falling victim to some...
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How to Avoid Theft on European Trains

POSTED August 3rd 2015 BY kevin4371
Train travel in Europe is efficient, comfortable and usually quite safe. Many tourists somewhere on their European adventure will travel by rail.  However, where there are tourists there are thieves. The theft of luggage from trains is an ongoing problem. The more stops on your trip the more chances of theft. So if you plan on train travel take a moment and learn how you...
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Taxi Scams – Domestic and International

POSTED April 26th 2015 BY Beth Williams
Taxi Scams – Domestic and International  Ever wonder if you got ripped-off a taxi driver, especially overseas?  While you hope that all taxi drivers are honest, law abiding citizens, who would never take advantage of an innocent traveler you know that is not case in many locations.  Travelers fall victim to overcharging by dishonest taxi drivers everywhere including here in the U.S. The following is information to...
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European Train Travel – Validate Your Ticket Before You Board

POSTED January 12th 2015 BY Travel Writer
Train and Rail Travel Tip Every European Traveler Should Know  Validate your ticket using a machine BEFORE you board, or risk being thrown off the train and fined. This is something that is not done in the USA, however, it is something every first time traveler to Europe needs to know so they don’t end up with a hug inconvenience and possible large fine.  In many countries...
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