Staying Healthy While Traveling

Fast and Easy Hotel Room Workout

POSTED June 22nd 2016 BY Travel Writer
Stay slim away from home with these fast and easy workout routines that can be done during your trips, in the comfort of your hotel room ! 1st Step: Warm Up Start with a warm up to get your core temperature up by getting your heart pumping. 30 seconds- Neck Rotations 30 seconds- Hip Rotations 30 seconds- Side Arm Rotations 25 Jumping Jacks Then loosen...
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How to Sleep on a Plane

POSTED August 18th 2014 BY Travel Writer
Sleeping on board an aircraft is tough but following the advice of seasoned travelers on how to sleep on a plane is a good start to getting the rest you crave. Selecting the right seat can make a difference, some seats are better than other if you want to sleep.  Read on to learn how to avoid noisy passengers and other annoyances of a red-eye...
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Medical Identity Theft Strikes 5.8% of U.S. Adults

POSTED March 4th 2014 BY Beth Williams
The first thing you do when your wallet is stolen or lost is call your credit card companies. However, you should also notify your medical insurance provider judging from the conclusions of a recent report that finds that medical identity fraud can be very costly. With identity fraud, most people think of criminals stealing Social Security numbers and credit card data to take out loans...
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Travel Medical Documents to Prepare Before You Leave

POSTED April 21st 2013 BY Beth Williams
Even the most organized frequent travelers miss this step, but if you’ve ever experienced a medical emergency far from home, you know that things can quickly get out of control if you: Are in a traffic accident and unconscious (who will speak for you?) Have a pre-existing medical condition (even one controlled with medication) Suffer a new illness that strikes while on your trip (perhaps...
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International Medical Must Read Information Before You Go

POSTED October 8th 2011 BY Beth Williams
Getting health care in another country can be an exercise in culture shock. Whether you get a doctor who doesn’t speak English or you don’t understand the procedures in a foreign hospital, getting sick away from the comforts of home can be frightening. Your best approach to deal with an illness or injury while traveling is to prepare for the problem before you depart. It’s...
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