Do you sleep with the hotel balcony door open? Read this before you do it next time

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Sleeping with the hotel balcony door open is not the safest option, even on a high floor. Perhaps you’ve stayed at hotels that have a nice balcony overlooking the ocean or with a view of the city and keep the sliding door open. You might want to keep the sliding door open for ventilation or just to hear the sounds from outside.

Should you sleep with the hotel balcony door open?

How safe is it to sleep with the hotel balcony door open? Most travelers think that hotel rooms on the first floor, where it would be easy to access a hotel room might be the only unsafe ones to leave the sliding door open. What about rooms on higher floors – are they safe?  The answer really depends on the layout of the hotel balcony, how close it is to the ground, as well as how easy is it to access from the room next door or even the roof of the hotel. If you’re not certain, don’t sleep with the hotel balcony door open.

While thefts from hotels as guests sleep are not too common, they do happen all around the world. Case in point, recently some guests were staying at a flagship hotel on the island if Malta and slept with the balcony door open.  They awoke to the sounds of someone inside their room, went to investigate, and saw three men escaping the room through the room’s balcony.  Luckily, they were able to alert hotel security who quickly found the thieves nearby in possession of items stolen from the guest’s room, and were subsequently arrested. You should always keep the security of your valuables in your room top of mind. Keep them secured in the hotel room safe.

Personal Safety

More important than your valuables is your own personal safety. Therefore, always check the balcony door lock when you arrive back in your room and again when you leave to make sure it is locked.

Videos – Hotel Balcony to Balcony Thefts See How Easy it is to Gain Entry into Hotel Rooms by Open Balcony Doors

Think these types of thefts don’t happen, take a look at some of these hotel room thefts that occurred by a thief gaining entry to guests’ hotel rooms with an open balcony:

Tips for your hotel stay

  1. When staying in a hotel with a balcony, take a look around and see if it can be accessed easily from the adjoining balcony, a tree growing alongside it, or even from someone dropping down from the roof – which was the manner one thief used to gain entry to a guest room some years back.

2.  Never leave items of value in plain sight when you leave your hotel room.  Put them in the hotel room safe, locked in your luggage, or consider taking a portable safe with you in case your room does not have a safe to secure your valuables.

3. The hotel housekeeper may accidentally leave the hotel bacony door unlocked after cleaning the balcony. This was the case in a Barcelona hotel. Always check the lock when your return to your room.

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