Easy and Reliable Ways to Lock Your Zippers

BY kevin4371

Cheap and Effective Security Solutions for Bags You Already Own

Here are a couple of easy, clever, and inexpensive solutions to theft-proof the bags you love. If you love your purse, bag, luggage or backpack, and it doesn’t have built-in theft proof zippers you can use these items to add a layer of security to them. Use these solutions for keeping your zippers closed every day or temporarily. They will help keep your valuables secure and increase your peace of mind. You should be enjoying the sights, dining, shopping or relaxing and not worrying about thieves and pickpockets in a crowd. Frequently the locks serve as a visual deterrent to a thief scoping out a victim. If your bag is more difficult to breach because of a lock, he or she will pass you by for a bag easier to open.


This video shows a woman who just got off the London Tube and stopped by a store to do a little bit of shopping. While doing so, you will see how a brazen thief steals the victim’s wallet from her suitcase while she is standing just inches away. The CCTV video footage shows the owner of the bag looking at items while the thief unzips the front pocket at the top of her large black suitcase, puts her hand inside and steals the victim’s wallet.


The Triple Lock is a versatile lock for luggage. It prevents zippers from traveling to re-seal punctures. Because of its unique design, it can be used for oTriple Security Lock zipper locks to keep thieves outther functions too like locking bags together to make the carrying of them more difficult and thereby more difficult to steal.  The triple lock can also lock a bag to an object or to a stationary or fixed item. Simply attach one loop to your bag handle and the other loop to a fixed item such as a chair, bed frame, or drawer handle or even another suitcase. An example of when this is useful is in a train while you’re sleeping, or in a hotel or hostel and you want to lock your bag and have it stay put while you are away. Learn more about the triple lock.



Zipper lockers

Protect your luggage with zipper locks



 Zipper Locks are an effective solution to keep prying hands out of your purse, backpack, or travel bag. To work as intended you need a bag with a double zipper, that is with two zipper pulls. This is because this clever little gadget holds the two zip pullers together so they can’t be separated to access the bag. To use you simply depress the silver portion of the clip to attach and detach the locks to the zipper pulls. While it is easy for you to unhook the zipper locks if you want to get into your bag, there’s a good chance you’d notice a stranger trying to remove the locks. These are reusable and an affordable  solution. Learn more about zipper locks.

Zip Ties for Luggage or Bags 

These are regular luggage locks. However they work well with backpacks or any bag that has two zipper pulls you lock together. The benefit of this lock is that you don’t need a key and it’s a strong visual deterrent for a would be thief. Make sure your zipper pulls have a hole or eye that you thread the flexible cable through.Learn more about cable locks