How To Stop Burglars From Opening Your Hotel Room

BY Beth Williams

Safety and security in a hotel – 2 key elements;
– a portable travel door lock for when you’re in the room
– a tamper-evident hotel safe lock for securing your valuables

Is your gear safe when you leave your hotel room? Secure your values while you’re away from your hotel room by using a hotel safe lock or portable travel safe. Do you sleep with peace of mind knowing your hotel room door is really locked? Prevent entry into your locked hotel room while you are inside the room with a portable travel door lock.

You may think it is hard to get into a hotel room without a key, but given the right tool, a little bit of time, and depending on the lock it can be done and done quickly.  See for yourself.


Now watch the video below, and you’ll realize that secure is not a word always to be associated with hotel doors. The demonstrator of this video is Barry Wels aka The Key, founder and president of “Tool,” the Open Organization of Lock pickers – a lock pick sport group in the Netherlands. The video above was created as part of a presentation for the IT-Defense security congress in Germany.

You can see in the video how he inserts the wire under the door, hooks the handle on the inside and opens the door in a matter of seconds. After you watch this video, you should give second thoughts to leaving items of value unsecured in your hotel room when you are away – however, watch the video until the end. There’s a simple way to prevent someone from using this type of method to open your “secure” hotel door.  A clever solution for handle style hotel door locks.

Advice — Securing your valuables  – – Always use the hotel room safe to secure items when you leave your room.  Use a tamper evident secondary lock such as the Milockie Hotel Safe Lock on the safe. Hotels have pass keys or pass codes to enter safes for guests who forget their code. If you prefer, use a portable travel safe to secure your valuables. The safes store flat in your luggage and can be used in cars, dorms, at home, in offices too, long after your trip is over. A couple of smaller and light weight portable safes we like are:

Portable Locking Travel Safe

Portable Locking Travel Safe

Milockie Hotel Safe Lock

Milockie Hotel Safe Lock







Advice — When you are in the hotel room –  Always use a secondary portable lock to secure your hotel door for peace of mind. Lightweight and small the portable travel door locks secure hotel rooms, dorm rooms and homes by preventing entry even if someone has a key.

Door Jammer Door Stop

Door Jammer Stops Door from Opening

Portable Travel Door Lock

Portable Travel Door Lock
Stops Entry Even with a Key