Luggage Handlers Caught on Video Mishandling Your Bags

BY Beth Williams

Don’t pack valuables or breakables in checked luggage

Ever wonder what happens with your luggage when you give it to the airlines?  Most of the time . . . nothing . . .  You pick up your luggage at your final destination and you are on your way.  However, ever wonder why luggage becomes damaged when the airlines handle it . . . or why you should be careful about placing items of value in your luggage?  Watch the below videos to reaffirm your reasons why you never want to put anything of value in your luggage.

Note: The airlines really do an efficient job handling luggage and have handling protocols and training in place. However, the below videos did catch some employees handling luggage badly despite the airline’s best efforts. Newer styles of hard sided luggage sided luggage can be more protective and resistant to mishandling and the baggage transport system than the soft-sided styles. If you’re still using soft-sided luggage with exposed zippers and pockets, which can get caught in the baggage system, look at upgrading to a bag with a non-fabric exterior that has no exposed pockets or zippers as a first line defense against rough baggage handling, pilfering, and the baggage transport system.  Most importantly, no matter the style of luggage you use, pack it as if you’ll never see it. Avoid putting valuables or breakables in your checked bag rather opting to place them in your carry-on bag instead.