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Pickpocketing and RFID Digital Theft Increase: How to Prevent Becoming a Victim

POSTED October 24th 2018 BY Travel Writer
Pickpocketing and RFID digital ID theft are two ongoing problems affecting tourists around the world. San Francisco shows an increase in the numbers of pickpocketing crimes. Meanwhile, one thief at Coachella allegedly pickpocketed more than 100 phones at the music festival. Thieves have even been caught on video pickpocketing victims, who fall asleep on public transportation or subways. The bottom line is you can be a victim...
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Staying Safe In Port

POSTED October 6th 2018 BY Beth Williams
Major national and international initiatives went into effect to heighten the security of ships and ports in 2004. What effect have they had on the safety of cruise passengers ashore? The answer, is probably none directly, though there is an increase in safety within the ports themselves, because of the better fencing, increased surveillance and more intense review of identification documents as passengers and others...
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How to Earn or Get a Flight Upgrade  

POSTED July 27th 2018 BY Travel Writer
Everyone loves a flight upgrade, especially when embarking on a long flight. While you won’t get to your destination any faster, the extra seat space, legroom, and food can make flying a much more pleasant experience. Unfortunately for travelers the gate attendants no longer have the same discretionary power they used to, and upgrading a traveler to business or first class, especially on long flights,...
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Protect Your Frequent Flyer Miles From Hackers

POSTED July 18th 2018 BY Travel Writer
Frequent flyer miles and travel rewards are worth money and just like money can be stolen. Protect your frequent flyer miles from hackers and theft from out of your account or wallet. Most of us just let them accumulate in our frequent flyer or mileage rewards accounts without much thought until it’s time for a flight upgrade, vacation, or redemption for merchandise. Thieves think of...
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New TSA Rules for Powders in Carry-On

POSTED June 27th 2018 BY Travel Writer
The smart traveler should now allow for even more time to move through the TSA security screen process. The TSA now has rules for powders, along with liquids, as to how much you can have in your carry-on when you board a plane. If you have more than is allowed, you’ll be forced to throw it out. New TSA Rules for Powders in Carry-On The...
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Where Photography is Forbidden in Foreign Countries

POSTED April 22nd 2018 BY Beth Williams
What you video or photograph in some foreign countries could land you in trouble. Some countries other than the U.S. have stricter rules about what you may photograph or film than we do. Know before you go where photography is forbidden, so you don’t get your camera confiscated or land in jail. Where Photography is Forbidden Other Countries Photography restrictions in foreign countries often include...
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