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Third World Travel Safety Tips

POSTED February 13th 2017 BY Beth Williams
Westerners traveling to third world countries are often targets of criminals because they most likely have more money and valuables than the locals and less recourse if they are victimized. Consider the following and investigate your destination before you travel. Common Scams  Fake police. People who own a police badge and even a uniform may be crooks in disguise. Be suspicious of anybody who asks...
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2 Must-Dos When Booking Hotel Rooms

POSTED February 11th 2017 BY Travel Writer
Security then comfort should be your priorities after location when selecting a hotel room. Communicate your wishes at the time when making a reservation. Be sure to follow up with the front desk, not the reservations group, 24 hours before you arrive.
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Safety Tips for Solo Women Travelers

POSTED February 6th 2017 BY Beth Williams
A solo woman traveler has so much to think about.  Here are a few good tips or at the very least some good advice to consider before you go out on your adventure. What to Do Before You Go Pack so you can carry all your belongings yourself. Use wheeled luggage.  and get a bag bungee to secure your tote or another smaller bag to the...
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France – How To Avoid Paris Metro Pickpockets

POSTED January 30th 2017 BY Beth Williams
Don’t Fall for Pickpocket Scams in Paris while using the Paris Metro or Trains Paris is the city of light, fashion, artistic expression and love. Paris was also rated in a survey as one of the top ten cities in the world for pickpockets. Tourists visiting Paris are targeted by a variety of thieves, which can be can be any gender, race, or age, however,...
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Wrinkle Resist Shirt Folder

POSTED January 27th 2017 BY Travel Writer
Travel shirt folder keeps dress shirts and casual shirts from scrunching up and wrinkling in your bag. Clever packing aid keeps shirts from wrinkling in your carry-on or checked bag. This shirt packer comes with the instructions printed on the board, so you’ll always have them handy. This lightweight travel shirt folder keeps up to 5 shirts from sliding and wrinkling in your luggage. There’s...
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Why You Need a Security Camera Strap

POSTED January 20th 2017 BY Beth Williams
Safe Guarding Your Camera with an Anti-Theft Camera Strap “Camera snatches,” or “cut and run” camera thefts, usually occur in tourist locations – here are a few tips to make sure your camera and gear stay safe on your trip. Cut and Run Camera and Gear Bag Thefts  Cut and Run thefts usually occur on crowded subways or train platforms, buses, or other pedestrian dense...
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