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No Passport? No Problem!

POSTED June 22nd 2016 BY Travel Writer
No passport? No problem that is if you are starting your travel from a US location and want to visit a tropical destination that is a US territory. Consider Guam, Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands as your next getaway destination. Besides not needing a passport which can be expensive to get  ($165 per traveler) additional benefits of visiting any of these locations is...
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Italy – Scams at the Roma Termini Train Station

POSTED May 11th 2016 BY Beth Williams
The Roma Termini train station is the main station in Rome, and unfortunately, is a location that pickpockets and scammers frequent due to its size and amount of tourists that they have to pick from. There are numerous scams used at the Roma Termini station, most, or if not all are similar to those used at other train stations around the world. Over the years, the train...
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Holland – Pickpocket Scams in Amsterdam

POSTED April 16th 2016 BY Beth Williams
General Pickpocket Scams in Amsterdam Holland Amsterdam is known as the Venice of the North. The city itself fans out from the Centraal train station with a system of canals built to support the increasing population in the 17th century and to provide protection from high waters. The oldest area of town lies to the east of the main road Damak, and is known as...
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Train Security Information & Protecting Your Bags

POSTED April 7th 2016 BY Beth Williams
Train travel is not what it used to be, have you heard that?  It can be fast and sometimes faster now than in days gone by,  and it’s often an inexpensive form of transport, not only between cities but between countries.  One of the benefits of travel by rail is that you have a chance to see the countryside, something that travels by plane does...
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Doing Laundry in Your Hotel Room

POSTED April 4th 2016 BY Beth Williams
Chances are that if you travel for more than a few days you may find that you get an evening chore of doing a bit of laundry in the sink of your hotel or B&B. Never done laundry by hand?  It’s pretty simple.  Here’s a quick guide to doing laundry or washing clothes in your sink. A quick pre-rinse will get some of the dirt...
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A Street Smart Guide to Avoiding Pickpockets – Actual Pickpocket Videos

POSTED February 27th 2016 BY Beth Williams
Pickpockets have been around ever since the invention of pockets, purses, and carry bags. Unfortunately, it is just something th at travelers need to be prepared for when they travel – especially when visiting crowded tourist destinations. One of the best ways to out smart pickpockets is to know their scams, diversions, and methods, so you won’t be victimized. Think of it as part of...
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