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Best Tips to Prevent Your Cell Phone From Being Stolen

POSTED November 6th 2015 BY kevin4371
  Cell phone theft is something to be concerned about for all travelers. Watch these videos of cell phones being stolen so you can be better educated in how to avoid these types of thefts. To better help To start off,  watch these short videos that captured actual cell phone thefts in action. See how easy it is to steal an expensive cell phone. Some of these...
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Travel Insurance – Read The Small Print Or You May Waste Your Money

POSTED November 4th 2015 BY Beth Williams
You’ve probably taken out a travel insurance policy on a previous trip, or you are considering the purchase of one for an upcoming trip. You’re patting yourself on the back for doing the responsible thing, by taking out travel insurance. You think you’ve given both you and your loved ones the peace of mind knowing that if anything happens to go wrong you’re covered. Obviously, you...
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Paris – Fake Petition Scam – Watch Video and Learn From A Victim

POSTED October 29th 2015 BY Beth Williams
Be Careful in Paris and Don’t Fall for the – Fake Petitioner Scam The fake petition scam has been going on in France, Italy, and Spain for years because it is so successful. It’s a scam many first time visitors fall for because it starts out as what appears to be a legitimate conversation with a friendly local. You should avoid like the plague. You...
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How To Get the Best Currency Exchange Rate

POSTED October 19th 2015 BY Travel Writer
What’s the Currency Exchange Rate – All I need to do is compare them against each other to get the best rate right? Most travelers think that as long as they know the exchange rates  – they can simply compare them from one currency exchange booth to another – and sometimes you’ll find several all in a row. But, when it comes to money changing,...
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Money Exchange Scams You Need to Know Before You Cash In

POSTED October 14th 2015 BY kevin4371
Most likely you’ve seen and probably exchanged money at a currency exchange booth while traveling. Unfortunately, scams which shortchange travelers using money changing services seem to be on the increase. From the moment you step off the airplane into an airport and walk down to baggage claim, as well as around any popular tourist destination, you’ll see money changing booths. The following are the top...
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Watch How Female Pickpockets in Viet Nam Target Male Travelers

POSTED October 11th 2015 BY kevin4371
Any male traveler should watch the below video which caught pickpockets stealing from tourists visiting Ho Chi Minh City in Viet Nam.  See how a street gang of men and young women worked together to target men. While Ho Chi Minh Police have said that they have shut down this gang by arresting around 30 suspects related to this group of pickpocketing thieves, the video...
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