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Travel Tips: Speed through TSA Airport Lines with These Hacks

Travelers are waiting in longer and longer TSA security lines, missing flights and in some cases sleeping overnight in the airport.

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Top Pickpocket Locations London Subways

While London tops many traveler’s lists as one of their must-see cities to visit in Europe, certain London’s subway lines are tops with pickpockets.

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Women's Travel Essentials

Keep it Light for Peace of Mind Whether you’re packing, going out for a day of sight-seeing, or going out at night, you will want to keep it light.

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What to Do When You Lose Your Cell Phone

POSTED June 2nd 2012 BY Ellen
Having your cell phone stolen or simply losing it is quickly becoming a very common issue, and we have all been there.  You know the drill, you go to reach for your phone, and it’s not where it usually is. You look for it all over and you can’t find it.  That’s when you get that sudden heart-stopping realization that we don’t know where our...
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Italy – Short Change Scam Venice Water Taxis – Travelers Beware!

POSTED May 28th 2012 BY Ellen
Tourists visiting Venice, Italy will all have to use the city’s water bus as a way to get around, as it is the primary way to get from one place to another when visiting the great city. However, a recent TV show has uncovered a ‘short change’ scam which targets tourists who buy tickets from the city’s water bus ticket vendors.  It revealed some dishonest...
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London Transport Police Pickpocket Videos

POSTED March 17th 2012 BY Ellen
London, England, is known for pickpockets working the crowds for as long as they have had their underground tube. Since a  majority of pickpocketing occurs in their subway system, the British Transport Police has put together a series of short videos that alert travelers to the most common types of thefts that you would fall victim to in the UK. These videos are very well done...
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Pickpocket Prevention- Be a Difficult Target

POSTED February 27th 2012 BY Ellen
Be a Difficult Target – Make it Hard for Pickpockets and Sneak Thieves to Get to Your Valuables Pickpockets have been targeting tourists for as long as anyone can remember, and tourists have fallen for their tricks as long as anyone can remember. The following tips will help you develop your own pickpocket prevention plan to outfox pesky pickpockets. Don’t be a target and let...
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Malta – Training Ground for European Pickpockets

POSTED January 30th 2012 BY Ellen
Malta is a very popular place to visit for tourists and is a jumping off point for those visiting Africa, Italy, Spain or other nearby countries.  Malta is a country of about 400,000 – roughly the size of a small to medium city in the U.S.  Because it is a location favored by tourists, pickpockets have been known to operate in this country – as...
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How to Make Hidden Pockets to Carry Travel Valuables

POSTED January 26th 2012 BY Ellen
Some travelers don’t want to purchase travel security products to help hide their cash and credit cards.  To help those people out, the following website has outlined how to make a security pocket and sew it into your own pants or shorts.  This is a great low cost way to make a very secure pocket.  Visit the website here. How to Make Hidden Pockets to Carry Travel...
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How to Avoid Date Rape Drugs

POSTED January 23rd 2012 BY Ellen
Date Rape Drugs Whenever you travel, especially alone, you need to be concerned how to avoid date rape drugs – and having them slipped into your drink.  Obviously this is an issue that impacts women more than men, but men have fallen victim to these drugs too, and many report that the amount of these cases against men has been growing in the last ten years....
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Internet Safety: Online Threat Facing College Students, Identities and Credit Cards

POSTED December 29th 2011 BY Ellen
With wifi, smartphones and broadband available almost everywhere, college students are constantly connected to the web. While the internet has simplified some aspects of life, providing greater access to information, in some ways it has complicated the life of the modern day student. This is especially true when looking at the risks that increased internet usage can pose.  Here is an interesting article about this...
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Credit Card Hacking at a Hotel – Don’t Fall for This Scam

POSTED December 29th 2011 BY Ellen
Hotels are one of the top dangerous locations for using  your credit card. Studies show that 38 percent of all credit card hacking involves hotels, outnumbering the incidents of credit card fraud that happens in other environments, including restaurants, bars, retail stores and the financial sector. This fact surprises many travelers and makes them wonder if it’s safe to use their credit cards at hotels...
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What to Do When Your Wallet is Lost or Stolen

POSTED November 27th 2011 BY Ellen
Your wallet is gone, now what! It’s a panic too many of us have had and it can be even worse if you don’t know what to do after you discover you wallet gone. Many times it is more than just a few calls. Be proactive and consider the below advice while you still have your wallet in your pocket. There’s also advice in the event...
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