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Take a Great Selfie! A Few Simple Tips

POSTED May 8th 2014 BY Beth Williams
How to Take a Selfie— A Few Tips to Make it Great and Worthy of Posting! Everyone’s doing it; that is taking selfies!  A selfie is an informal or impromptu shot snapped with a digital camera or smartphone held at arm’s length. It’s usually a spontaneous shot that more often than not ends up on social media such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. A selfie...
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China-Pickpocket Uses Chopsticks to Steal

POSTED May 2nd 2014 BY Beth Williams
If You Thought Chopsticks Were Just for Eating, You’re Wrong. Skilled Pickpocket Uses Chopsticks to Steal a Cell Phone From His Target Tourists are favorite marks for thieves because they generally carry valuables such as money, cameras, and passports.  Watch some of these videos to see how some skilled pickpockets operate. For worry-free travel, knowing your valuables are secure consider using a travel safety bag, day...
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Hotel Maids Stealing from Guest Rooms – Videos

POSTED March 29th 2014 BY Beth Williams
While most hotel employees are honest, every occupation has a few employees who may steal.  The following videos were taken by hotel guests who have caught dishonest hotel maids stealing items from their room, or going into their personal belongings in search of items to steal. You should always check that your valuables are secured out of view prior to leaving your hotel room. Your hotel...
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Taxi Scams – See These Scams Caught on Video

POSTED February 24th 2014 BY Beth Williams
Taxi drivers scam tourists all over the globe. The only purpose is to get the most money they can out of their fare, legally or not. The following are various taxi scams caught on tape. Watch them to see how vulnerable you can be if you don’t know the tricks dishonest taxi drivers can pull on you. Being informed can save money. Taxi Cab Scams...
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How Purse Thieves Work

POSTED February 7th 2014 BY Beth Williams
Purse thieves and pickpockets have been around since purses were first made and is a crime that every woman should be alert to, as having your purse stolen or picked, especially overseas, can become a vacation-ruining experience. Here are a few ideas to help you better protect your purse from being stolen, snatched, or your wallet lifted out of it. First,  you need to know that most...
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London Transport Police Pickpocket Videos

POSTED March 17th 2012 BY Beth Williams
  London, England, is known for pickpockets working the crowds for as long as they have had their underground tube. Since a  majority of pickpocketing occurs in their subway system, the British Transport Police has put together a series of short videos that alert travelers to the most common types of thefts that you would fall victim to in the UK. These videos are very well...
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