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Airport Maps

POSTED November 19th 2013 BY Beth Williams
Know before your go!  Before you confirm that connecting flight make sure you leave yourself enough time to make to your next departure.  How far is the connecting gate?  Some airports have trains and trams you need to board to get to another terminal, and they can be time-consuming so you have to plan accordingly.  If you’re traveling with children leave yourself additional time, and...
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Spain – How Women Carry Their Handbags in Barcelona

POSTED March 3rd 2013 BY Beth Williams
Barcelona is famously called the favorite city of pickpockets. Perhaps because the beautiful city attracts so many tourists. Barcelona offers many sights to distract the tourists. The most well-known one is the large pedestrian-friendly street called the Las Ramblas with so much going on, street vendors, performers, restaurants, and shopping to distract tourists. The following video shows how women carry their purses while walking down the Ramblas in...
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How Thieves Steal Wallets on Escalators

POSTED October 29th 2012 BY Beth Williams
Watch the below video which shows a team of pickpockets working an escalator in a shopping mall.  One of the pickpockets is in front of the victim on the escalator and when they reach the top he pretends like he drops something, causing a large backup of the people behind him.  Watch closely, and you will see the co-pickpocket steal the victim’s wallet and flee....
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Electronic Hotel Door Locks May Not Be Secure – Video

POSTED October 29th 2012 BY Beth Williams
Recently, a security flaw in hotel-room locks manufactured by a company called Onity, which supplies thousands of electronic door locks to hotels around the world, demonstrated that certain hotel door locks can be easily unlocked with a simple device which costs about $30 and plugs into an open port at the bottom of the hotel room locks.  The person who discovered the flaw in the...
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Thief Caught on Tape Taking a Wallet

POSTED July 13th 2012 BY Beth Williams
This store surveillance video catches a pickpocket stealing a wallet from a woman’s purse. Lesson learned:  Keep your purse zipped closed even if you’re shopping on home turf. Imagine if you were the victim and happened to be traveling outside of the US. Best defense in this case is  using a bag designed with anti-theft features built into the bag which keep your valuables safe...
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London Transport Police Pickpocket Videos

POSTED March 17th 2012 BY Beth Williams
  London, England, is known for pickpockets working the crowds for as long as they have had their underground tube. Since a  majority of pickpocketing occurs in their subway system, the British Transport Police has put together a series of short videos that alert travelers to the most common types of thefts that you would fall victim to in the UK. These videos are very well...
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