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Cambodia – Child Pickpockets

POSTED July 3rd 2013 BY Beth Williams
In lower socio-economic societies children are often exploited by adults. That is the case in Cambodia among other countries. The children are trained to distract and steal from tourists and then to give the money to the adult exploiting them. There are several benefits to this; tourists do not perceive children as threats and will often volunteer to open their bags to give them coins...
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How to Create an Emergency File for Travel

POSTED April 21st 2013 BY Beth Williams
Emergency Files Emergencies happen, and usually at a moment when you or your family least expect it. Imagine if something were to happen to you or your home which would prevent you from accessing your home, your office, your bank, your cell phone. Your normal life would come to an abrupt “stop”! Hard to imagine? It happens all the time, be it due to an...
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Travel Medical Documents to Prepare Before You Leave

POSTED April 21st 2013 BY Beth Williams
Even the most organized frequent travelers miss this step, but if you’ve ever experienced a medical emergency far from home, you know that things can quickly get out of control if you: Are in a traffic accident and unconscious (who will speak for you?) Have a pre-existing medical condition (even one controlled with medication) Suffer a new illness that strikes while on your trip (perhaps...
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Pickpocket Tips for Solo Travelers

POSTED March 22nd 2013 BY Beth Williams
When you travel alone, sometimes you are at a higher risk of falling victim to a pickpocket then someone who travels with another person.  This is mainly due to the lack of “additional eyes” to help keep a look out for potential scam set ups. The following are some tips on how to avoid being a victim of pickpocketing when traveling alone: Do not put...
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How to Make a Pickpocket Alarm

POSTED March 9th 2013 BY Beth Williams
The following is a video which shows how to make a pickpocket alarm.  An inventor named Cabel Kraft came up with the idea of making an anti-snatch wallet and posted a how to build article about this item on the Hackaday website.  When it comes to wallet alarms, most rely on a light trigger which can be seen on this type of credit card size wallet alarm which...
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Spain – How Women Carry Their Handbags in Barcelona

POSTED March 3rd 2013 BY Beth Williams
Pickpockets in Barcelona  love crowds and distracted tourists. The following video shows how women carry their purses while walking down the Ramblas in Barcelona, Spain.  Note how many women hold their purse or handbag in front of them, have purses that have short straps which ride high in their arm pit, or clutch their bags tightly – all in response to  safeguarding their valuables from...
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