Italy – Theft Scams in Milan

BY Beth Williams

Milan Italy – the fashion capitol of Italy has pickpockets who steal from the fashionably and not so fashionably  dressed! While this article highlights popular pickpocket scams and location in Milan, make sure you check out the scams popular in other 

Pickpocket Scams in Milan, Italy

Milan may be the fashion capital of Italy, but it is yet another city where tourists can experience pick pocketing first hand. The top two places where you need to exercise e caution are where there are high concentrations of tourists, such as the central train station Stazzione Cadorna, and Piazza del Duomo. Castello Sforzesco, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

  • In the main train station, Stazzione Cadorna, there are often people waiting for tourists to arrive. Some are eager to strike up a conversation with a mark or to offer assistance. A newly arrived traveler may not be quick thinking and appropriately susspicious of “friendly strangers” thus making for a perfect target. For example, the payphones in Italy are difficult to use for first timers, and a friendly man may approach offering assistance. Once the helpless tourist accepts, the man offers to take the traveler to a nearby bar, or if assisting a woman, expect a kiss in return. Never go to a second location with a stranger.
  • People on the street will always offer what seem to be free gifts of flowers, prayer cards, or even a friendship wristband. Do not accept them and try to avoid these people at all costs, these gifts are never free. The person will want money for the item, or even try to keep you in conversation so an accomplice can steal from you while you are attentive to the discussion.
  • At a popular tourist site, a young girl may approach you and stand very close. In one hand she is carrying a cardboard sign and attempting to tell you something in Italian, in the other hand she has your wallet from your pocket…hidden behind her cardboard sign.
  • Coaches are always popular hunting grounds for tourists, especially routes that connect the airport and main train station. Once departing the coach with your laptop bag in one hand and your recently collected luggage in the other, a thief asks you a question in Italian. While you are trying to decipher what the person needs, an accomplice moves past and lifts your bag.

Thefts at Milan Central Station

This video really shows how brazen young thieves can be.  These gypsy children have honed their pickpocket skillls. It’s a craft taught to the young by the old. Want to have peace of mind and keep your valuables secure when in crowded locations? Rely on a security purse or security day pack when traveling.

Theft Video at Milan Airport

This is a video of a theft from a traveler at the airport.  Always keep an eye on your luggage, no matter how close it is to you.