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Deluxe Hidden Leg Wallet
  • Deluxe Hidden Leg Wallet
  • Deluxe Hidden Leg Wallet
  • Deluxe Hidden Leg Wallet Safe
  • Deluxe Hidden Leg Wallet Safe
  • Deluxe Hidden Leg Wallet Safe

Deluxe Hidden Leg Wallet


Model: 60067



Travelers Deluxe Leg Safe 

Most Comfortable Hidden Leg Wallet-

This comfortable easy-fit leg wallet is the perfect option if you're looking for an alternative to a money belt or a neck wallet. The Leg Safe fits comfortably and securely and is made of a quality Lycra/Polyester fabric. The stretchy material allows you to pull the Hidden Leg Wallet on like a sock so it's impossible for it to fall off.  It's a safe and inconspicuous way to carry your money, passport, and other vital documents.

Leg Wallet Features Adjustable Calf Strap Deluxe hidden leg wallet

The top of the Leg Wallet features a 1 inch wide adjustable Velcro strap that helps keep the leg wallet secure for those who have smaller calves and likewise allows additional expansion for those with larger calves. The Deluxe Leg Safe features two separate zippered security compartments, each generously sized 6 ½ inches tall by 4 ½ inches wide.

Hiding discreetly under clothes, the Deluxe Leg Safe is the perfect wallet for traveling, running or sports. Use the Deluxe Leg Safe pockets to hold your keys when jogging or walking the dog, or your ID and hotel key when strolling along the beach or just when you want to keep your money and passport out of view.

Why You Need a Leg Wallet

Travelers use the leg safe for a variety of reasons, with the most common being they want to keep their valuables safe and hidden from pickpockets and street robbers.

If you are mugged or fall victim to a pickpocket, and your valuables are divided between your regular wallet and a leg wallet, you have a chance of saving a portion of your valuables hidden around your ankle.

Deluxe Leg Wallet Care 

The Deluxe Leg Wallet can be washed by hand using mild soap. Let air dry. We think you will find this to be a great addition to your regular wallet.

Deluxe hidden leg wallet

RFID Protection to Guard Your Identity and Personal Information 

Looking to shield your personal information stored in your credit cards and passport from theft? Consider the combo pack.


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Deluxe Travelers Leg Safe Specifications


  • Size: Tapered 5 3/4 wide top, 4 3/4 bottom and 8" long.
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Lycra/Polyester
  • Model No: Enroute 60067
  • UPC Code: 676062600689


I've only had this item for 3 days and a family member with sticky fingers has already stolen it from me. I have searched all over my house for it. I know I left it on the arm of my sofa, yet everyone denies having it. So being I have a trip coming up soon, I had to order another one.