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Door Jammer Portable Door Lock
  • Door Jammer Portable Door Lock
  • Door Jammer Portable Door Security Device
  • Door Jammer Portable Door Security Device
  • Door Jammer Portable Door Lock
  • Door Jammer Portable Door Security Device
  • Door Jammer Portable Door Security Device
  • Door Jammer Portable Door Security Device
  • Side View of DoorJammer
  • Door Jammer on Carpet
  • Door Jammer Portable Door Lock
  • Have a SAFER Good Night's Sleep
  • Door Jammer Instructions

Door Jammer Portable Door Security Device


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Door Jammer-Portable Door Lock - Added Security  for Home and Travel

Door Jammer Portable Door Security Device

The Door Jammer is a simple way to prevent unwanted intrusions into any room. 

It can be fitted to most doors in seconds to 'jam' the door shut and make you feel totally secure and private. Attach it to your door and no one can enter, even with a key!

Great for the traveler, renter, or homeowner, who wants to guard against unwanted entry. It's the perfect portable door lock which protects and doesn't damage the door or door frame.

Door Jammer portable door lock


Door Jammer Key Features

  • Guards against unwanted entry

  • Portable, goes wherever you go

  • Fits in the palm of your hand

  • Easily secures doors in seconds

  • Quickly releases in an emergency

  • No keys or codes required

  • Solid steel construction

  • Will not damage door or floor


Video - Door Jammer Portable Door Lock

DoorJammer Portable Door Lock is Ideal For 

  • Airbnb / Hotel /Office
  • Home / Apartment / Condo
  • Dorm rooms
  • Parents seeking privacy

Compact and TSA/Airport Friendly

Weighing less than a pound, the door Jammer is TSA friendly and can be carried in your carry-on or checked luggage.

Airbnb and Hotel Door Security - Peace of Mind

This portable travel door lock is a must for Airbnb and hotel room doors that do not have adequate security. The door jammer portable door lock is an ideal supplementary security measure for use in these travel environments. The lock guards against unwanted entry, even if the intruder has a key!

Keeping Students Safe When They're Away from Home

The Door Jammer is ideal for students (and their parents) who want to ensure extra privacy and security in shared apartments/houses and dormitories.

Use on Doors When Extra Privacy is Desired

Whether at home or when traveling, you may want some extra privacy in your room.  If your door doesn't have a lock, just use the Door Jammer. It is easy and quick to use plus it won't damage the door.

door jammer in useClever Engineering and Portable Door Lock Design

Manufactured with solid steel construction, it is engineered to help keep a door closed by using an ingenious system of hinges and angles. 

Designed to fit a wide range of inward opening doors, the portable door lock uses the principle of counter force to help prevent the door from opening as force is being applied to the door from the other side. 

Once someone tries to open the door from the outside, horizontal force is created which is then converted into vertical force which causes the Door Jammer Portable Security Device to keep the door from opening as it is forced firmly onto the ground.

Versatile - Works on All Flooring

The DoorJammer Portable Travel Door Lock can be installed on any surface, including wood, carpet, tile, stone, linoleum, and even concrete.  The Door Jammer will not damage the door or floor due to the use of its cushioned back and rubber foot-pad.


Easy and Quick Installation

The Door Jammer Door Security Device is very easy to use. To install, place the  " L " portion of the device under the door, ideally so it is placed in line with the door handle. Next twist the bolt to the right until the engagement foot is secured - that's it.  To test, pull the door to ensure it is secured.

You can fit the Door Jammer to most doors in seconds to 'jam' the door shut for added security. 

The footpad, situated bellow adjustable foot allows the DoorJammer to be installed on any type of surface: hardwood floor, carpet, tiles, linoleum, etc. Please note Door Jammer can only be used on doors opening inwards.

Door jammer portable door lock can be easily removed

Easy and Quick Removal

The door lock is very easy to remove - simply twist the bolt to the left until the foot is loose and remove it.

Emergency Pull-Off - Just in Case

In those situations where removal speed is critical, the device was developed with an easy pull off system. In case of emergency, simply pull the Door Jammer upward to easily remove it from the door. 


  Note: Using any door stop, door deadbolt, chain, or similar device could delay emergency personnel from entering the room in case of emergency. Consider all scenarios prior to engaging these types of devices.  The purchaser assumes any and all risks and takes full responsibility and waives any claims of personal injury, death or damage to personal property.  


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 Door Jammer Specifications

  • Dimensions: Height: 12cm - 4 3/4"; Width: 6.5cm - 2 3/4"; Height: 250gm - 8oz

  • Minimum clearance space under the door: 5mm - 0.3"

  • Weight: 8 ounces

  • 1 Year Warranty


door jammer

DoorJammer, the new portable door security device, has been accredited by Secured by Design (SBD),  the official UK Police flagship initiative supporting 'designing out crime’. DoorJammer had to pass Secured by Design’s enhanced performance tests**,which are independently monitored. Alan McInnes, General Manager of Secured by Design said: “We accredit security devices that are shown to be effective in preventing crime; additionally, in DoorJammer we see a well designed, easy to use, consumer-friendly product.”

Certified Female Friendly -

"We only recommend those hotels that provide two independent locks, through which staff or intruders cannot enter at will. Where hotel rooms are only equipped with one lock or the locking devices are inadequate the DoorJammer is perfect for providing additional security. 

door jammer seal of approval

The DoorJammer is a compact, lightweight device and is extremely effective in keeping a door firmly secured but can be pulled off in an instant if required." Carolyn Pearson, CEO, Maiden Voyage, Ltd


Purchased one of these for my granddaughter that was going to attend college last year. She uses it and likes it very much. She feels safer even though the college has multiple safety measures for the students. It's a 'grandma' thing, I think. Anyway, my Senior Citizen friend it moving to an apartment, will live alone, so I purchased this one for her. Thanks.


Excellent service I ordered Tuesday afternoon and received Thursday. Product looks very well made


Very easy to do business


I travel frequently for business and I always feel a little uncertain about safety in a hotel room. I use this device and just bought 2 for this past holiday for friends. They thought it was a great gift, Now I'm getting another one for a colleague.