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Money Belts - How to Hide Money, Credit Cards and Passports

Keep Money, Passport, and Credit Cards Close and Secure
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A money belt can be your most important accessory when you're traveling, especially when visiting busy and popular tourist attraction. It is in these locations where pickpockets and thieves make their marks. A money belt, depending on its size and design, is used to hide money, cash, passports, identification, and other valuables that you don't want to lose. A money belt is a personal item and is not a "one size fits all" by any means. The new models have anti-theft technology plus various designs and sizes, so you're sure to find one just right for you. Today's money belts are not your father's money belt! 

Today you have a choice of traditional belts with a zipper to hold just bills, wallets you wear on your leg and hide under pants, and even more styles which you wear around your neck or waist and tucked under clothing and hidden from view. We even have completely waterproof styles so you can swim and play in the water while keeping your passport and other valuables close and dry! TSA Screening Money Belt

Read on to learn about the various types of belts and secret wallets available with anti-theft features. The latest styles of neck and body pouches have RFID blocking to stop identity theft by tech-savvy thieves. 



Why Use a Money Belt?

You want to select a money belt for a sense of security and peace of mind, and to protect your money and other smaller valuables from thieves.

Advice for Carrying Credit Cards and Cash in Your Money Belt

As the adage goes - "never put all your eggs in one basket." The same goes with a security money pouch. Always divide up your valuables between several locations for maximum protection. Consider the following:

  • If you are a couple, never carry credit cards that share the same number. If a credit card were stolen and subsequently canceled by the bank your partner's card is then also canceled, leaving both of you without a card. 
  • If you are carrying a lot of cash, keep some at another secure location - such as a hotel vault.
  • If you carry credit card access passwords or account numbers, keep them in a separate place from your cards.
  • Divide up your valuables so if something is lost or stolen you will still some in the other spot.
  • Convenience and functionality count. Select a style of money belt you will use and rely on every day in every situation.

What are the Pro and Cons of the Various Styles of Travel Money Belts, Neck Pouches or Waist Wallets?

Neck wallet, security neck safe for travel

Neck Wallets

Travelers have relied on neck wallets, often referred to as a security neck pouch or neck safe for years. They are one of the most common and secure types of money pouches and are highly recommended by experienced travelers.

However, neck wallets do have some do have some drawbacks. A neck pouch hangs under your clothes, and the biggest complaint is that depending on the type of shirt or blouse worn, it may take a while to get to it when needed, and it could be visible.

Whenever possible you do not want people to see that you are wearing a money pouch around your neck. Neck pouches are designed to be flat and not bulky, even though a tight fitting top will reveal that you're wearing a neck pouch so look for one with a long strap so that you can lengthen it and wear lower towards the stomach. See the latest styles of travel security neck and body pouches



Features to Look for in a Neck Wallet or Neck Pouch

  1. When worn for long periods of time, you may be aware of it more than other money belts.
  2. When considering the purchase of a neck pouch, think about one in a tan or beige color. A black one may be easily seen if you are wearing light colored clothing.
  3. Always purchase a quality neck pouch that has some type of inner liner. The inner liner works as a moisture barrier to protect contents.
  4. Consider how you will retrieve items from the neck pouch. If you are wearing it when you go to dinner at a nice restaurant, will you have to excuse yourself to the restroom to unbutton your shirt to retrieve your money or credit cards? This may not be a problem if you are a student and backpacking across Europe, but for others, you may want to consider another style or plan ahead and tuck what you need in a secure pocket. 
  5. A thief may recognize the pouch strap around your neck a non-reinforced strap can be easily cut from behind by a skilled pickpocket, therefore, the best type of neck pouch to wear is one that has a wire woven in the rear strap. That way your property is better protected from snatch and run thieves. See the latest styles here.

anti-theft waist packs

under clothing waist wallet

money belt money pouch security pickpocket pacsafe

Another very popular belt is the standard money belt. The money belt can be worn either tightly against the stomach with your shirt or blouse covering it, or dropped loosely into your pants. If you are going to purchase one of these - give strong consideration to a money belt that has a steel cable embedded into the rear strap so it cannot be cut by a sneak thief. Find the best  ViewTo view these types of security waist packs, Find the best style for you.



Tips on Money Belt Security

  1. The safest way to wear a waist wallet is tucked inside your pants. The strap should fit loose enough to tuck below your pant waistband so that it is not visible. The pouch should also be tucked inside your pants. If you choose to wear the waist wallet outside of your pants make sure your shirt is long enough to cover it from view. Try this at home before you pack.
  2. If you wear your shirt un-tucked, be aware that a professional pickpocket could bump into you in a crowd, lift your shirt, cut the rear strap, and flee with the belt in a matter of seconds. Make this device hard to get to.
  3. Be careful of skilled pickpockets/snatch and run thieves, who have identified your belt, distract you with other accomplices and cut the strap from the rear. Click here to see the latest styles of travel waist wallets and waist packs.

belt loop wallet



Hidden Wallet - Belt Loop Wallet

This style is a single pouch which hangs inside your pants from your belt or belt loop. It is usually made out of nylon or cotton and has one or two zippered compartments. It is very easy to slide out and tuck back in. Most designs are just large enough to hold your passport, money, and a credit card. Often two different colored belt loops are included (black and brown) to blend in with the color of your beltLearn more about the hidden pocket wallet (loop wallet).






legsafe leg pouch hidden money belt



Leg Pouch Money Belt

This device straps around your calf, or like the photo here slides on like a sock to stay secure. Leg safes have pockets in the sock sleeve where you place your money and passport. Leg safes or leg wallets are adjustable to fit most leg sizes and, of course, need to be worn only when you're wearing long pants. These are ideal "second wallets" when you want to split up where you carry your valuables. Obtain more on leg safes here.









Classic Leather Money Belt

leather money belt with hidden zipper compartment for bills

Always popular when looking for a dressy option this is a real hold-up-your-pants belt with a zippered compartment on the inside that stores a dozen currency notes. Leather is a proven favorite for the holidays!

On the inside of the belt is a slim zippered compartment which remains hidden from view when worn. The hidden money belt was made to keep your cash hidden and safe from sly pickpockets. Designed to look like a regular belt, this leather money belt offers a more finished look. They can be worn with dress or casual pants, as well as shorts, and not look out of place. 

Airport Friendly TSA Money Belts Won't Set Off Metal Detectors

Designed to help save time and hassle from going through security checkpointsMoney belt, beep free TSA friendly and metal detectors at airport screening stations. TSA beep free belts are made of nylon webbing, non-metal buckles, and non-metal zippers.

The buckle (the part that sets off most metal detectors) is made out of a rigid, but security friendly composite material that will not set off the screening station alarm. Hidden in the back of the belt is a zipper compartment to hide bills. It is completely made of nylon and high impact plastic, including the zipper tracks and pull.

With no metal in the belt, you won’t have to worry about having your belt buckle set off TSA airport metal detectors. To learn more about the TSA Screening Money belt click here.



A Money Belt Without the Belt 

This is a new style of money belt that solves the issue of wearing a concealed money pouch when you don't wearConceal Wear Beep Free TSA Friendly Money Belt a belt or want a clip exposed. This product simply clips onto the tail of your shirt when it is tucked into your pants. It is metal-free, so it'll go through the TSA checkpoint without detection. To learn more about this type of money belt, click here.





Waterproof Fanny Packs New Pouches and Body Pouches

Water-proof waist pack


When you go to the beach, go para-sailing, or simply are swimming in a hotel pool you can now play, lounge, or snorkel and not worry about who's watching your valuables! Take them swimming with you for peace of mind.  See the latest designs of waterproof gear that allow you to protect your valuables when in the water.See the latest styles to protect valuables, even phones while in the water.