Italy – Theft Scams in Milan

POSTED March 20th 2017 BY Beth Williams
Milan Italy – the fashion capitol of Italy has pickpockets who steal from the fashionably and not so fashionably  dressed! While this article highlights popular pickpocket scams and location in Milan, make sure you check out the scams popular in other  Pickpocket Scams in Milan, Italy Milan may be the fashion capital of Italy, but it is yet another city where tourists can experience pick pocketing...
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15 Must See Historic and Cultural Monuments

POSTED June 8th 2016 BY Travel Writer
Plan your next historical getaway to one of these 15 world historic monuments recommended by TouristLink.  The 15 cultural and historic sites have shaped the world and have kept cultures alive for centuries. We’ve selected our top 3 historical monuments. To continue reading about the rest, Read Here. 1. Colosseum of Rome, Italy The Colosseum or Coliseum, also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre is an elliptical...
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Italy – Child Pickpockets a Menace in Venice

POSTED February 6th 2016 BY Beth Williams
While Venice is one of the jewels of Italy, it also has a reputation for child pickpockets. Most first time tourists to Italy pick Venice as one of their destinations to visit. First-time tourists and even repeat visitors should be aware that while they are enjoying the charms of the city they are targets for pickpockets including child pickpockets. What may take thieves just a moment...
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Italy – Top Pickpocket Locations and Scams in Rome

POSTED August 3rd 2015 BY Beth Williams
Rome, Italy – a city where many say civilization began – and a city that many report is the pickpocket capital of Italy.  Almost everyone going to Italy will visit Rome, just make sure you keep track of your wallet and purse while visiting the great sites. Rome is a very large city packed full of ancient sites, museums, magnificent churches, and excellent food making...
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Italy – Pickpocket Scams in Venice

POSTED March 20th 2015 BY Beth Williams
Venice Italy is another great “don’t miss” city in Italy, but where pickpockets prey on tourists. Like tourists, pickpockets love Venice too. Pickpocket Scams Are A Part of Venice Italy Venice is an unusual city of waterways instead of roadways. It is incredibly romantic and relaxing, but flooding is not the only danger in Venice. The following are the most common locations where tourists fall...
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Italy – Scams at the Roma Termini Train Station

POSTED May 11th 2014 BY Beth Williams
The Roma Termini train station is the main station that everyone uses in Rome.  It is also one that has been known for years as prime hunting grounds for pickpockets who are in search of a never ending supply of fresh tourists to target. If you plan on arriving or departing from this train station, make sure you have read up on the most common scams used by thieves...
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