Italy: Pickpocket Scams in Venice

POSTED March 20th 2018 BY Beth Williams
Venice is a great “don’t miss” city in Italy, but it’s also where pickpockets prey on tourists. Like tourists, pickpockets love Venice, too. The allure of Venice with its great history, art, beautiful sights, and of course, gondolas attract tourists and tourists attract pickpockets, scam artists, and street thieves; the more tourists there are, the more pickpockets there are.  After the summer months, Carnival is...
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Italy – Theft Scams in Milan

POSTED March 20th 2017 BY Beth Williams
Pickpocket Scams in Milan, Italy Milan may be the fashion capital of Italy, but it is also a city where tourists can be victims of pickpocketing first hand. The top places where you need to exercise caution are where there are high concentrations of tourists, such as the central train station Stazzione Cadorna, and these locations popular with tourists:Piazza del Duomo, Castello Sforzesco, and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele...
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Italy – Scams at the Roma Termini Train Station

POSTED May 11th 2016 BY Beth Williams
The Roma Termini train station is the main station in Rome, and unfortunately, is a location that pickpockets and scammers frequent due to its size and amount of tourists that they have to pick from. There are numerous scams used at the Roma Termini station, most, or if not all are similar to those used at other train stations around the world. Over the years, the train...
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Italy – Child Pickpockets a Menace in Venice

POSTED February 6th 2016 BY Beth Williams
While Venice is one of the jewels of Italy, it also has a reputation for child pickpockets. Most first time tourists to Italy pick Venice as one of their destinations to visit. First-time tourists and even repeat visitors should be aware that while they are enjoying the charms of the city they are targets for pickpockets including child pickpockets. What may take thieves just a moment...
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Italy – Tourist Scams in Florence

POSTED March 20th 2014 BY Beth Williams
Florence, Italy is a must-see city for most tourists, and therefore popular for pickpockets too. Here are a few tips to consider when visiting Florence Italy. Here are some of the top pickpocket location in Florence – but keep in mind that these locations can change. Basilica of San Lorenzo and Market Ponte Vecchio Main station Santa Maria Novella Pitti Palace Battistero off San Giovanni...
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Italy – “Scippatori” Bandits on Scooters Rip Purses off of Pedestrians

POSTED May 2nd 2010 BY Beth Williams
Scippatori ( Italian for scooter bandits) are not common in the United States. They are more common in Italy, particularly Naples. “Scippatori,” are thieves who drive speeding scooters down busy narrow streets looking for tourists carrying purses or travel bags while walking close to the street.  If the Scippatori finds a victim, they drive as close to the sidewalk as possible so they can yank the bag off the arm or...
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