Cruise Safety – What You Can do in Case of an Emergency

BY Travel Writer

It rarely happens but when an emergency occurs on a cruise ship it is a huge logistical undertaking to keep everyone safe and in extreme cases get them evacuated off the ship. Well, it just happened. The cruise ship the Viking Sky was sailing in waters along the Norwegian coast when the engine failed in rough seas stranding the ship. They airlifted half of the 900 passengers with helicopters to safety before the disabled ship was finally able to get to a port. Even if you don’t have to be airlifted off the cruise ship you should think about how to be prepared for getting caught in rough seas which may impact on-board service and your comfort.

Cruise Ship Emergency Advice

A couple of smart tips for peace of mind while sailing on a cruise ship for those rare, just-in-case emergencies.

  1. Pack and change into sturdy closed-toe rubber-soled shoes. They are the best for preventing slips and falls on wet surfaces, a rocking ship, and protecting you from broken glass.
  2. Pack a water-proof pouch or waist pack. Besides using it on water play cruise excursions to keep your phone or camera dry, you could wear it to keep those plus your jewelry, medications, and other small valuables on your person and your hands-free. Pack two per person if necessary.
  3. Make sure your ID, any medical information, travel medical insurance, and phone number of next kin are easy to find in your waterproof bag.
  4. Bring a small flashlight waterproof LED is ideal, with a clip-on attachment. It may come in handy if the electricity, back-up generators, and lights go out for navigating dark hallways.
  5. Bring backup power for your phone (external battery pack) or any other device you may need.
  6. Keep hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes handy. During a recent cruise disaster, the toilets stopped working and because of the relative chance of a norovirus outbreak, they can help keep you healthy.
  7. Keep a supply of bottled water in your cabin at all times. Replenish it as you use it.
  8. Keep packaged snacks handy in your stateroom.

Cruise ship personnel and staff are trained to keep passengers safe in case of an emergency. Follow their advice and guidance should a cruise ship emergency arise during your sailing. However, preparing by bringing the above items can go along a long way should your cruise run afoul. Bon voyage.

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