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Best way to Redeem Travel Miles and Points

POSTED February 28th 2020 BY Travel Writer
The question is; what is the best way to redeem travel miles you earn? You can earn miles by being loyal to an airline and receiving miles in an account or by using a credit card from an airline that also rewards you with miles from purchases you make with that card. You can also earn hotel points towards free stays at that hotel chain...
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Eight Things Not To Keep In Your Wallet or Purse, Ever!

POSTED February 14th 2020 BY Beth Williams
Identity theft can turn your world upside down. Make yourself a tough target and never keep these items in your wallet or purse. Minimizing the chances of being a victim is your responsibility and just plain smart. Here is what the experts say about what not to keep in your wallet or purse. Think that designer handbags are more attractive to thieves? Think again when...
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Travel Safety Tips for Visiting Developing Countries

POSTED February 13th 2020 BY Beth Williams
Westerners visiting developing countries can often have life-changing experiences. Unfortunately, tourists can also find themselves as targets of crime or scams. These travel safety tips for visiting developing or third-world countries can help you have a safer experience. Locals know that you have more money and valuables than they do. They also know you have less recourse if you are victimized. Consider these travel safety...
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Theft at the Beach-How to Keep Valuables Safe- Thieves Caught on Video

POSTED February 11th 2020 BY Travel Writer
I’m sure you’ve wondered what is the best way to keep valuables safe at the beach or pool. Have you ever gone to the beach and wondered what should I do with my phone, camera, keys or other valuables while I’m in the water? You’re not alone and thefts are common, especially at popular and crowded beaches favored by tourists. Keeping Valuables Safe While at...
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How to Prepare for Any Medical Emergency While Traveling

POSTED February 9th 2020 BY Travel Writer
Don’t let the fear of a medical emergency while traveling stop you from traveling. Prepare for an emergency or even a small health-related inconvenience and then begin packing your bag. You can fall sick, experience a minor injury, or have an accident anywhere in the world. It’s just easier if a medical emergency happens at home because you have quick and easy access to care...
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Purse Theft – How Purse Thieves Work

POSTED February 7th 2020 BY Beth Williams
Purse theft by thieves and pickpockets has been around since purses were first made. Purse theft is a crime that every woman should be vigilant against, as having your purse stolen or picked, can be a huge inconvenience if not devastating. If a purse thief victimizes you while you’re traveling the purse theft can be a vacation-ruining experience. Here are a few ideas to help...
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