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Hotel Fire Safety Tips

POSTED January 21st 2013 BY Beth Williams
“Fire!” The very exclamation itself is enough to render the most stout of heart and soul into victims of panic and fear, if not into another fire fatality statistic. For there is something primeval about fire, one of the great dual-edged swords of civilization: when under our control, we can’t imagine living without it. When fire is its own master, it is a malevolent and...
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Safeguarding Your Camera Gear in Vehicles

POSTED January 20th 2013 BY Beth Williams
Camera Security – Safeguarding Your Camera Gear In Vehicles Whether you are a professional or casual photographer, your camera gear is valuable – be it a physical value – or a personal value of the photographs or videos contained within the equipment. For whatever purpose you carry photographic gear you will eventually end up leaving it in your vehicle unattended. You know you should not...
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Aircraft Emergency Tips

POSTED January 20th 2013 BY Beth Williams
There are certain rows of the aircraft designated as exit rows. You can tell if you are in an exit row if there is an emergency exit around the window. People seating in exit rows should be prepared to assist the flight attendants and other passengers should the aircraft need to be evacuated in an emergency. An exit row passenger should be physically capable of opening the heavy, bulky exit row door, should...
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Money Scams Abroad

POSTED December 30th 2012 BY Beth Williams
When traveling abroad, unfortunately some people will will try to take advantage of you being tourist and try to take more of your hard earned money than they should.  The following is a listing of some of the most common money scams that international travelers should be aware of. I’m Sorry, Your Money is Counterfeit Many travelers have reported this scam occurring in both restaurants...
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Risks of Taking your Child’s Friend on a Trip

POSTED November 25th 2012 BY Beth Williams
Risks of Taking Your Child’s Friend on a Trip Taking a friend of your son or daughter on vacation is a very common event, however, there are many things to consider when taking another person’s kid on a family trip that may not be apparent that should be considered when offering to take another person’s kid on your trip. Do You Know Their Complete Medical...
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How to Open a Garage Door with a Coat Hanger

POSTED November 10th 2012 BY Beth Williams
The entry into a home via a garage door is very simple, even if the door is closed.  The following video will show you how easy it is to open a garage door with a coat hanger and a small piece of wood.  The second video will show to how to prevent this type of entry.  How to Enter a Garage Door with a Coat...
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