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Holland Pickpocket Scams in Amsterdam, Netherlands

POSTED February 3rd 2014 BY Beth Williams
Pickpocket Scams in Amsterdam, Netherlands – Transportation Amsterdam is the city of bicycles, historic canals, and it is known for its diverse and vibrant nightlife. Because in Amsterdam “just about anything goes”, tourists need to pay special attention to their surroundings because the laissez-faire attitude creates the perfect environment for petty thieves and organized gangs to operate. While this post focuses on transportation in Amsterdam,...
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Hotel WiFi Hacking – Traveler Beware!

POSTED January 26th 2014 BY Beth Williams
Unsecured wireless networks at hotels have proven to be ideal places for hackers to commit a wide variety of crimes. In 2008, at the luxury Thompson Hotel chain, a hacker captured personal and sensitive emails sent by guests and staff members over its wireless network and threatened to make them public. Hackers staying at hotels or parked nearby have exploited the anonymity of hotel wireless...
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Packing Fragile Items

POSTED January 22nd 2014 BY Beth Williams
If you’re traveling with small breakables or a bottle of wine or “spirits” you now can pack them with confidence that they won’t spill or break in your bag with the new  inflatable protectors. They’re reusable and worth the investment.  They’ll keep your item secure and the other contents of your bag clean, especially if it is oil you’re packed.  The other option is to...
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Questions Passengers Can Ask A Pilot

POSTED January 19th 2014 BY Beth Williams
Passengers Rights, The FAA
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Spain – Video of Distraction Thieves Stealing from Tourists in Barcelona

POSTED January 12th 2014 BY Beth Williams
Barcelona Beach Thefts If there are tourists there will be thieves to take advantage of them. Distraction thefts can occur anywhere, especially in locations where thieves know they can find tourists like at this beach in Barcelona, Spain.  Watch these set of thieves do a simple distraction and steal their mark’s  travel bag.  Always be alert whenever you set your valuables down – as you...
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Would You Stop a Pickpocket from Stealing? A Social Experiment

POSTED December 9th 2013 BY Beth Williams
We are constantly amazed at how bold pickpockets systematically steal from travelers. What’s even more amazing if how often theft occurs – especially overseas, and people who see the crime take place hardly ever take action. This further emboldens the sneak thieves to continue to operate without being caught. Would you stop a pickpocket from stealing a strangers wallet? The following video was filmed in...
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