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What to Do – Lost Travel Documents Abroad

POSTED September 18th 2011 BY Beth Williams
Having travel documents lost or stolen while traveling – especially overseas – can quickly become a traveler’s worst nightmare.  A typical scenario that has sent many travelers into a dizzying experience is one such as this: You are in the middle of your trip overseas at an airport when you realize that your wallet, passport, and smart phone have been stolen or lost.  What makes...
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RFID Blocking Wallets and Credit Card Sleeves – Protect Your Identity

POSTED March 7th 2011 BY Beth Williams
Protection from Identity Theft  – RFID Blocking Wallets and Credit Card Sleeves are Now Must-Haves! What’s in Your Wallet? What’s in your wallet? Identity theft continues to be the fastest-growing crime in America and you need to take measures to protect your personal and financial information from tech-savvy thieves who now e-pickpocket their victims without even touching or taking their wallets! Identity theft is now possible with...
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Common Scams To Watch Out For When Traveling

POSTED April 12th 2010 BY Beth Williams
Tourists have been the targets of scam for as long as anyone can remember. What’s interesting is that many of these scams used over 100 years ago are still as popular today – they are just updated a little bit to fit today’s times. Here is a list of the most common travel scams that you should be aware of before traveling overseas.  Travel Scam...
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