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Euro Coin Scam – Check Your Change so You Don’t End up with Worthless Coins!

POSTED July 4th 2010 BY Beth Williams
Even since the Euro came into circulation in 2001, travelers have been falling victim to an age-old coin scam – switching currency coins with those that look very similar but are worthless. The scam usually involves a transaction where Euro coins are given back as change.  If you do not pay attention to the coins you are given back as change, you may see that...
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France – Paris Pickpocket Video

POSTED May 6th 2010 BY Beth Williams
The below video shows very young female pickpockets.  Notice when they see they are being filmed, they cover their faces.  Also, watch when the go to get onto the metro train car, the fellow passengers will not let them come in.  They can tell they are pickpockets and do not want them in their car.  Keep an eye out for groups of young girls or...
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Italy – “Scippatori” Bandits on Scooters Rip Purses off of Pedestrians

POSTED May 2nd 2010 BY Beth Williams
Scippatori ( Italian for scooter bandits) are not common in the United States. They are more common in Italy, particularly Naples. “Scippatori,” are thieves who drive speeding scooters down busy narrow streets looking for tourists carrying purses or travel bags while walking close to the street.  If the Scippatori finds a victim, they drive as close to the sidewalk as possible so they can yank the bag off the arm or...
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France – Pickpockets at the Eiffel Tower

POSTED May 1st 2010 BY Beth Williams
If you have done any research about the visiting the Eiffel Tower, you will have no doubtfully read several comments about that tell you “watch out for pickpockets when visiting the Eiffel tower.” Take these comments seriously unless you want to end up spending the rest of the day at a Paris police stations filling out reports and calling your credit card companies.  To be...
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Common Scams To Watch Out For When Traveling

POSTED April 12th 2010 BY Beth Williams
Tourists have been the targets of scam for as long as anyone can remember. What’s interesting is that many of these scams used over 100 years ago are still as popular today – they are just updated a little bit to fit today’s times. Here is a list of the most common travel scams that you should be aware of before traveling overseas.  Travel Scam...
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Purse Theft Videos

POSTED March 25th 2010 BY Beth Williams
Sometimes you really need to watch videos of items being stolen from travelers to truly understand the importance of making sure your bags are theft resistant. In this video you will see a woman walk into a restaurant and sit at a table by herself, next to a table of several travelers.  Watch how the thief reaches under the travelers chair two times to steal...
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