Purse Theft Videos

BY Beth Williams

Watch these videos of thieves caught stealing purses in various situations. Sometimes you really need to watch videos of items being stolen from travelers to truly understand the importance of making sure your bags are theft-resistant to keep your valuables secure. Travel with peace of mind by investing in an anti-theft travel bag, a money belt, or an anti-theft waist pack before you begin packing your bags.

In this video you will see a woman walk into a restaurant and sit at a table by herself, next to a table of several travelers.  Watch how the thief reaches under the traveler’s chair two times to steal an unattended travel bag, succeeds, and flees the restaurant.  If the traveler would have used a security travel bag like this one, the bag strap would have been secured to the chair, preventing the theft.

 Female Pickpockets in China

This video shows three female pickpockets at TaiYuanJie picking people’s pockets as they go downstairs into the Fashion shopping area near ZhongXing,  Note that they will try to get into the purses of several women as they enter the doorway.  This video shows the importance of security zippers built into security purses such as these.

Child Pickpocket in Hanoi, Viet Nam

 Distraction Theft of Cell Phone

Watch this video in a cyber cafe as the thief does a distraction theft by dropping money on the floor and telling the victim that it is his.  When the victim bends down to pick it up, the thief steals his cell phone.  This same type of theft can be used to steal a purse, camera bag, or travel bag.  Using a security day bag such as this one can help prevent this type of theft.

 Theft of Purse from Car at Gas Station

 Theft of Purse in Barcelona Cyber Cafe

 Theft of Wallet From Woman’s Purse  – London, UK

Security Features You Want in an Anti-theft Travel Bag

The most important security feature of an anti-theft bag is a locking zipper. A locking zipper is one that stays closed by having the zipper pull stay secured to the bag with a carabiner-style hook. It takes two hands to open it keeping the hand of thieves out of your bag and your valuables and possessions secure.

Another valuable security feature is an anti-theft strap that you can detach from the bag on one end, wrap the strap through an armrest on a chair, and then reattach to the bag. This connects the bag to the chair (or another stationary item) to prevent grab-n-go thefts.

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