Restaurant Purse Theft Videos

BY Ellen

Tips and Tools to Prevent Purse Thefts in Restaurants

This anti-theft purse has both a detachable purse strap and zipper lock to keep out pesky pickpockets and purse thieves

Thefts of purses at restaurants is an issue that impacts travelers around the world – and is why all travelers should spend a little bit of time educating themselfs how to avoid have their purse or travel bag stolen while dining in restaurants. Having your purse stolen while traveling overseas can devastate your trip and many times will cause a huge inconvenience – especially when you factor in trying to replace your credit cards, passports, and any other important documents and cash that might be inside.

The following are several videos showing how easy it is for thieves to steal purses and travel bags in restaurants which will reinforce the importance of keeping your purse secure and not on the floor, or simply looped over the back of a chair while dining.   The theft of purses in restaurants has been an age old problem and is very prevalent in many of the major tourist destinations in Europe as well as other parts of the world.  You even see this as an issue here at home – especially in city’s and locations that feature high traffic.

Thieves who steal purses in restaurants are very clever, and are usually more successful when they blend into the atmosphere at the restaurant.  As you will see in these restaurant theft videos, most always the restaurant thieves will sit down at a table next to the victim and pretend like they are at the restaurant to eat like everyone else.  This is a very consistent method these skilled restaurant thieves use, and most always the victims pay little attention to their purses and handbags because they are deeply involved in the dining and socializing process.

To dine with peace of mind traveling, you need to keep in mind that your purse or travel handbag can never be out of your view.  You can never leave it on the back of your chair, not can you leave in on the floor by your side.  The only was to help protect your purse or travel handbag from theft while dining is by theft features, such as detachable and snatch-proof purse straps and locking zippers. You can see more travel security hand bags with detachable straps, here.  With these bags you simply detach one end of the strap and loop it through the back of your chair or other chair attachment point, then attach the strap back onto the bag. Now your bag is snatch-proof and you can enjoy your meal, worry-free.