Restaurant Purse Theft Videos

BY Beth Williams

Tips and Tools to Keep Your Purse Secure While You Dine

Anti-theft Daypack

Daypack with anti theft features including lock down strap

Purse with full suite of anti-theft features

Purse with full suite of anti-theft features


Thieves often prey on unsuspecting diners, especially tourists, while they are enjoying a meal in a restaurant. Watch these videos that capture thieves who seem to be restaurant patrons help themselves to more than just a meal. Having your purse or daypack stolen while traveling overseas can devastate your trip and cause a huge inconvenience – especially when you factor in trying to replace your credit cards, passports, and any other important documents and cash that might be inside the bag.

See what not to do with your purse or pack by watching the following videos.  Advice: do not leave your bag draped over the back of your chair or simply placed on the floor next to you. Never leave small valuables on top of the table. In a blink of an eye, you can be distracted and your item was stolen. Use

a bag with an anti-theft strap to keep it secured to your chair. Keep scrolling down to read more.



Strap un hooks from bag

Strap unhooks from bag to wrap it around a fixed object and back onto the bag.

Thieves who steal purses in restaurants are most successful when they blend into the atmosphere at the restaurant. Most always the thieves sit down at a table next to the victim and pretend like they are at the restaurant to eat like everyone else.  Couple that with victims who pay little attention to their handbags because they are deeply involved in the dining and socializing process and you have a recipe for successful theft.

Advice: To dine with peace of mind your purse or travel handbag can never be out of your view or unattached from your body or your chair. Wear your bag cross-body style even while sitting. For more personal comfort attach your bag to the chair to foil bag snatchers. Newer style travel bags have anti-theft features such as snatch-proof purse straps and locking zippers to keep pickpockets out. With these bags, you simply detach one end of the strap and loop it through the back of your chair or other fixed item and then attach the strap back onto the bag. Now your bag is snatch-proof and you can enjoy your meal, worry-free.