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A Street Smart Guide to Avoiding Pickpockets - Actual Pickpocket Videos - Version 2

This is part 2 of the pickpocket videos post.  If you came to this pickpocket video page 2 first, it is recommended that you visit the first pickpocket video page of this series so you do not miss any of the first pickpocket videos, as well as other significant pickpocket prevention tips.

Pickpocket Video Filmed in Milan, Italy

This is a video that has been around for some time.  It was shot by security cameras that are outside of the Roma Termini Train Station, located in Rome Italy.  The pickpockets you will see are mostly young, brazen street thieves.  These types of pickpockets are very in-experienced, however, due to their young age, Italian law prevents many of these youths from being prosecuted severally - which has a lot to do with why they are so brazen.  These young pickpocket hang inside and outside the train station and focus mainly on unaware travelers as they are within or exit the train station.  you will see how they can get into the pockets of luggage or travel bags that is being pulled or carried by unsuspecting travelers.

Watch how brazen these young thieves are.  Some get downright confrontational with the victims when they are caught.  To give you an idea how many of these thieves may be in the area at any one time, wait until the end of the video when the local police are called in to address these pickpockets - you will see them scatter like cockroaches.  This video will provide travelers a definite educational wake up call with how brazen some pickpocket and street thieves are.

What lessons are learned by watching this pickpocket video:

1.  Like a few of the previous pickpocket videos in the previous posts of this "pickpocket Video Series"  the following are ways these thefts may have been prevented.  Obviously, travelers should never put items of value in outside pockets of the shoulder or travel bags.  As you just saw, once your travel bag, shoulder bag, or purse slides behind your back - it is like taking candy from a baby as far as a street thief or pickpocket is concerned.  These pickpockets were able to remove items of value form these bags time after time without the victim ever knowing that the theft ever occurred.  Other preventative measures:

1. If you do carry a travel bag, shoulder bag, or purse, consider traveling with one that is has security zippers built into the bag.  By using the security zippers, pickpockets cannot get inside the rear pockets of these bags without your knowledge.  A variety of travel bags, shoulder bags, and purses are made with various anti-pickpocket features such as security zippers, anti-slashing straps, anti-snatching straps, as well as wire mesh barriers woven into the bags materials so the bottom cannot be cut.  Here are several security purses and Travel bags that have these features.  Additionally, you will find the same features on several security backpacks and security daypacks - Here are several to review, many with videos showing how they operate.  As a no cost solution, consider putting a small lock on the zippers, or use a cable - anything that would prove to make it difficult for a pickpocket to get in your pocket.

Pickpocket Video Filmed at the Fontana di Trevia Fountain, Italy

This is another great video that shows how female pickpockets work in groups.  Again, these are young girls who are obvious predators looking for vulnerable women (usually tourists) who's purses are "easy pickins" for the removal of their wallets or other valuables.  You may have to watch this video several times to see all three young female pickpockets.  Watch for the following:  In the beginning, one of the female pickpockets has stolen a wallet from a woman, and is forced to give it back.  2.  Watch later on how one of the female pickpocket's break away from the group and tries to help a mature lady up the steps away from the fountain.  3.  Watch how the one of the female pickpockets "hones-in" on a women purse being carried by a woman close to the fountain edge.  Also note that no one in this "sea of tourists" are even the slightest aware that these three pickpockets are operating in the crowd.

What lessons are learned by watching this pickpocket video:

1.  Just like before, if you carry a travel purse or travel bag, use one that have security zippers - or at least never let you purse fall to you side or behind your back.  You can see how these predators are on a missing to find a un-protected purse that they can steal from.   Here are several security purses and Travel bags that have these features.  You may also consider wearing a security fanny pack that also have several anti-pickpocketing features built in such as security zippers, covered rear buckles so the pack cant be unbuckled from behind, steel cables woven into the rear strap so it can't be cut off from the rear, to anti-slashing panels to prevent pack slicers.  Here are a variety of security waist packs to consider.

Last, when you have that urge to throw "three coins in the fountain" watch this video that might give you an idea what could happen with those coins.

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