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Milockie Hotel Safe Lock
  • Milockie Hotel Safe Lock
  • Milockie Hotel Safe Lock
  • Milockie Hotel Safe Lock
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  • Milockie Hotel Safe Lock
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  • Milockie Hotel Safe Lock
  • Milockie Hotel Safe Lock
  • Milockie Hotel Safe Lock

Milockie Hotel Safe Lock

Model: MK1000

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In stock

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Milockie Hotel Safe Lock - Now Available In the U.S. through us!

When you put your valuables inside a safe, you think it is completely protected and inaccessible to anyone but yourself, right? Well, that is NOT the case.

You can only begin to imagine how many times a hotel guest has set a code and forgotten it, or is simply confused by the instructions. A phone call is made to the front desk and an employee comes to reset/override the safe in seconds. are not the only one with access to your safe. If hotel management and employees have a master code to override any of the room safes, think about the temptation an employee might face to steal your valuables, especially with no sign of tampering evidence and nothing that can be proven, which puts you at a total loss and frustration. 

The Milockie Hotel Safe Lock insures you will be the only one with access to your room safe.  Every "how to" article about keeping your valuables safe in a hotel recommends keeping them in your in-room hotel safe. And initially that may seem like the best and most convenient place to keep valuables.

There is however a disturbing type of theft now which is theft from hotel safes. When a safe has a way for unauthorized people to get in it, you run the risk of theft.

The Milockie Hotel Safe Lock is designed to provide additional security to your hotel room safe or resort locker. It prevents the safe or locker from being opened by a master key or electronic combination without your knowledge. 

If you travel with expensive items that need to be locked away in the hotel safe, the Milockie Hotel Safe lock is a worthwhile investment.


Milockie Tips: 

  1. Most important! If you do not have a Milockie on your safe you will never know if someone was in your safe with a master key. 
  2. Before you start using the Milockie, put some Vaseline on the bottom so the eyebolt will turn easier. 
  3. It is not required to remove the belt from the buckle each time you remove the Milockie. Just ensure that the end of the belt remains in the buckle. 
  4. If you position the Milockie on your safe, we recommend you take a photo with your cell phone or camera. After all, one never knows what can happen and proof that your Milockie was actually positioned on your safe is of significant importance. 
  5. You can use the lock of your choice on the Milockie, combination or key lock.
  6. The remaining end of the belt protruding from the safe, can now be pushed in between the open buckle. Or leave it outside the Milockie. 
  7. Everytime you place the Milockie on your safe, be sure that the eyebolt is fully turned back.


The Truth About Room Safes in Hotels and Resorts Worldwide

Thefts from room safes occur all over the world in all kinds of accommodations including resorts and cruise ships. Thefts from hotel room safes and resort lockers has been increasing. Travelers continue to report money or other valuable possessions “mysteriously” disappearing from hotel room safes, cruise line room safes, or guest lockers in even 5 star hotels and resorts.

Unfortunately, when these thefts occur, rarely is there evidence that a theft actually occurred because the safe or locker is never damaged, leaving travelers to make a claim that has little support other than the traveler’s word. The majority of these thefts occurred because someone had access to a master key or master code to the room safe. 

Additionally, many minor thefts go undetected. Without visual evidence of the hotel room safe being forced open, you would have no reason to check the contents of your wallet left in the safe. If you were later to suspect that $40 were missing you would most likely thought you miscounted and not suspect theft.

Austrian Supreme Court holds hotel liable for theft from hotel in-room safe

In 2011 the Austrian Supreme Court held a Austrian 4 Star Hotel liable for the theft of a guest's property from the in-room safe.The safe's master override code had not been changed in two years and was known by over 16 current employees as well as an unknown number of former ones. No one knows for sure how many thefts occur from hotel room safes, however, during the court case it was found out that the master coder of the hotel's in-room safes had not been changed by the hotel management for almost two years.  

Additionally, the master safe code was known by no less than 16 of the current hotel employees and an unclear number of former employees. Because of earlier thefts from hotel rooms, police had already urged the hotel manager to increase safety standards, however the hotel did not change the code. For more information on this case, click here.  


For additional comments regarding travelers reporting theft from their hotel safe, click on this TripAdvisor link to read countless stories reported by travelers about hotel safe thefts.

Hotel Safe Theft Solution - The Milockie Hotel Safe Lock 

The Milockie Hotel Safe Lock is the only solution to safeguard your valuables that you leave inside your in room hotel safe. Most thieves go for the path of least resistance, and would pass on trying to get into your in-room safe for another one.

Works with Most Hotel In-room Safes 

With the use of the Milockie Hotel Safe Lock, travelers are adding an additional layer of security to safeguard their valuables.  Persons who encounter the safe lock will easily choose to walk away and invest their efforts on a non-Milockie guarded safe. The Milockie Hotel Safe Lock fits most hotel safes however, there may be a few where it may not work due to the safe's design.


Use Your Own Lock on Hotel Safes

One of the benefits of the Milockie Hotel Safe Lock is you can you use your own lock.  While the Milockie Safe Lock comes with a three dial combination lock, it is strongly recommended that you replace the lock with a stronger combination lock that would resist an attack. 

The Milockie Lock will accept a padlock with a hasp up to 1/2 inch in diameter. 

The below photograph shows the Milockie Hotel Safe Lock with a stronger lock.  Note this lock is not included.  It is shown for demonstration purposes only and it is recommended that you replace this "temporary" included lock with a stronger one of your own choosing. 

Included Items:       

(1) Milockie Safe Lock
(1) Carry Storage Bag
(1) Three Dial Combination Padlock 
Installation Instructions


milockie hotel safe lock bag

milockie hotel safe lock combination lock

Milockie Carry Bag

Three Dial Combination Lock

Additional Information About the Milockie Hotel Safe Lock

Who Commits In-Room Safe Thefts?

This is a difficult answer, simply because rarely is a thief caught in the act.  When someone is caught, usually it is a dishonest hotel/resort employee, or someone who knows someone at the hotel/resort.  On some occasions, the theft is committed from someone outside the hotel. When  a guest makes a complaint, the hotel or resort management has difficulty with the claim due to lack of “break-in” evidence.  Many times without “break-in” evidence, these claims are viewed skeptically or flat-out rejected. 

Let’s consider the fact that in all walks of life and occupations, in all corners of the world, we have always had, and will continue to have, a small percentage of society who steals. Thieves who work within the hospitality industry find it very easy to steal from travelers for a variety of reasons.  They are keenly aware that travelers are known to let their guard down and are "trained" to place their valuables in hotel room safes and resort lockers.

Most in-room safe theft  occur in overseas resort destinations and sadly many travelers report that hotel management in these international destinations is not always willing to cooperate. While unauthorized, some hotel staff has access to your hotel room safe when you are away from your room.  They have access to a master key or a master electronic code - which is needed in legitimate situations when their guests lose their keys or simply forget their electronic safe combination.  

Thefts from hotel room safes usually involve the theft of cash, or credit card numbers. We constantly hear about mysterious coincidence of unauthorized credit card charges a few days or weeks after a hotel stay. Some clever thieves have found out that smaller amounts of fraudulent charges may not be noticed while on vacation, especially if the charge came from an area where you were visiting.

How Much of a Problem is Thefts from Hotel Room Safes?

It is not too difficult to see how easy it is to commit a theft from these room safes and lockers, just a little bit of searching on the internet will result in thousands of stories about thefts from these locations at hotels and resorts worldwide.  Additionally, on websites like You Tube you can easily find videos that show how easy it is to break into a hotel room safe or locker, which solidifies how vulnerable room safes and resort lockers are when they are left alone.

Travel Insurance Claim Woes -
Will your Travel Insurance Policy Cover Hotel Safe Thefts?

Travelers should be aware of their travel insurance policies “fine print exclusions” (items that the insurance policy will not cover or reimburse your for). Many travel insurance policies will deny an insurance claim if there are “no traces of forced entry,” or the theft occurred as a result of exclusion called “mysterious theft.”  Many travelers spend little time examining their recently purchased travel insurance policy - only to find out their hotel room safe losses will not be covered – after the fact.

The following are just a few exemptions taken from popular travel insurance companies polices.  Read the following and you will see how some travel insurance companies find “loop holes” not to pay your claim.  Some travelers find that these so called “exclusion “loop holes” are unfair- however, the insurance companies simply state, it is up to the traveler to know what they are buying and well as to read the exclusions before they buy.  Which reminds the traveler of the famous quote: “Caveat Emptor” – Let the Buyer Beware.

Here are a few of the “fine print” exemptions that are documented on travel insurance policies that clearly show that they can “deny” your claim of theft from a hotel room safe:

“In addition, no coverage is provided under this provision for loss caused by or resulting from the mysterious disappearance of your baggage and personal effects.”


Another Travel Insurance companies “fine print” exclusion statement:

“The following exclusions apply to Baggage and Personal Effects: The Company will not provide benefits to any loss resulting from mysterious disappearance.”

Another Travel Insurance companies “fine print” exclusion statement:

“The following exclusions apply when the loss occurs from a hotel/motel burglary: cash, checks, securities, credit cards, tickets, documents (which could cover a variety of items including passports, ID cards and other documents that are frequently stolen from travelers), business items, personal computers, eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, hearing aids, and artificial teeth.”

Thefts from Hotel in Room Safes – A World-Wide Problem

We gathered some examples for you to understand this world-wide problem, which the Milockie Hotel Safety Lock provides the solution.  The following are several examples found on the internet of travelers who had property stolen from their hotel safe or locker.  These are not our comments, real people who wanted the world to know that hotel room safes and lockers are not always secure.

The below traveler comments clearly show the seriousness of the problem. You can find the source of these contents at the bottom of the page involved.

To read more about thefts from Hotel rooms safes, the following online articles document this unfortunate issue around the world:

Are your valuables safe? - De Telegraph Reiskrant - Netherlands Newspaper 

For more information, on this product, visit the Milockie Website

Milockie Hotel Safe Lock

Read Other Travelers Comments about Thefts from Hotel Room Safes

Numerous travelers around the world have documented hotel room safe theft stories. The below is just a sampling of some of the stories found on’s website. To see for yourself, visit and see the comments that other travelers have posted on this issue around the world.


Think your money is safe in the hotel room safe? Think again—and beware

My wife and I recently went to Rome on vacation and stayed at the sleek, modern xxxx Hotel. On our first morning we noticed some mold around the shower and called housekeeping to ask them to take care of it. Shortly thereafter we left the room, but not before Ombudsman:

Daylight Robbery

I had stowed our passports, jewelry, credit cards, and cash in the in-room safe and had keyed in a code and locked it. We went to the lobby, dropped off our room key, and spent the day walking around the Eternal City.

When we returned, the front-desk clerk told us that the shower had been cleaned and the area around it repainted. As a result, we couldn't use the bathroom, so he assigned us another room. We packed up our belongings, but when I tried to open the safe, the code did not work and the display panel kept showing an error message. I called the front desk, and minutes later a hotel employee appeared with a hand held device that immediately opened the safe. He didn't ask us for, or need, the security code I had punched in that morning. I found the speed with which the small, easily concealed contraption unlocked the safe unnerving. I pulled out our valuables and discovered that some of our cash, about $500, had gone missing from the $2,000 that was there in the morning.

I immediately called the manager and told him about the theft. He suggested that we go to the local police station to file a report, which we did. Upon our return, the hotel manager advised us that he would handle our claim promptly and equitably.

A few days later, once we were back home, I called the xxx for an update on my claim. The manager assured me that it was being handled by the hotel's insurer and that I should not worry. But all I have been able to do is worry—after all, $500 is no small sum. Over the weeks, I have made numerous phone calls and sent multiple faxes and e-mails to the xxxx and its insurer—all to no avail. Every time I get through, I am told to wait a few weeks for the claim to be settled. The "few weeks" have now stretched to three months with no resolution in sight. Can you help me get my money back?

This review is the subjective opinion of a traveler who was victimized and not of or




Punta Cana:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPunta Cana: "Credit Cards Stolen


We returned home on June 24th, and on Monday, June 26th received a call from our bank stating unusual activity on our account. It turns out that there were fraudulent charges in the total amount of $1870 using our ATM card number in Brazil. We are Allegro Vacation Club owners On the first day, we put our wallets and personal items in the safe. Our wallets stayed in the safe the entire week. We did not use our credit/debit cards at all. We believe someone came into our room, opened the safe   , and copied the numbers from our credit cards.

We now have to cancel all of our credit/debit cards, in addition to bouncing checks because the thief used our checking debit card. This is the first time this has ever happened to us. The security in the xxxxxxxxxxxxx certainly leaves something to be desired. We believe someone who worked at the hotel with a master key to our room and safe entered our room and stole our credit card numbers. We had heard this happen to a colleague who used an ATM in DR, but assumed it was an isolated case. This has really put a black cloud on an otherwise enjoyable vacation and will prevent us from going there again.

This review is the subjective opinion of a traveler who was victimized and not of or

Hi everyone,



It does not matter what hotel you are staying at because it can happen anywhere. I would never use the safe in the room as it is often the place where the items are stolen. I lock all my important items including money in my large suitcase. No one can get into it or walk away with a large suitcase. I travel many times a year and I never had anything stolen. I stayed at different hotels and I know that people had items stolen from the safe very often.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just a message to anyone going to the XXX, You will have an awesome time but there's a BUT. We went for my sisters wedding and she put all her money in the in room safe and on the last day she had £180 stolen from inside the locked safe !!

This review is the subjective opinion of a traveler who was victimized and not of or www.CorporateTravelSafetycom.


Ocho Rios: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: "Stolen Cash from Safe"

Just returned from xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Jamaica. I will never return nor would I ever recommend this resort. We were doing fine until our safe was accessed by an employee and we had cash money come up missing out of the safe. We were more or less called liars from the resorts security staff. The resort took no responsibility for anything. Our friends that traveled with us also had cash money taken out of a suit case. My girlfriend entered her room 2 days prior to us departing to find there closet doors wide open closet lights on and their safe standing wide open!! Luckily they had nothing taken.

These safes just don't open on there own. We talked to several other people at the resort and they also found their safes open upon entering their rooms, but thought they had accidentally left the door open. If you have already booked your vacation do not place anything of value in your safe. Leave it at home or keep it with you at all times. They only took cash.

We also told that one of the security guys had asked some kids if they wanted to smoke marijuana. You could get it right from the locals next door over by the piano bar. The beach area is very small but never too crowded. The pools stays very busy.

Xxxx  and  Xxxx at the bar was the best!! They always kept the place alive.

This review is the subjective opinion of a traveler who was victimized and not of or

Cancun! Hotel El xxxxxxxx

I just got back from staying at El xxxxxx with 5 other girls and overall had an awesome time. 2 downfalls..1 3 of us got our money stolen. Now when it first happened it was bad cause my friend left it out on the desk..which meant someone went into our room and took it.

The next time it was stolen out of my friends purse in the bottom of her bag meaning someone went into their room and looked through all her stuff and the last time they took it out of the safety deposit box...which f*ckin sucked! My checks people!

Second downfall...our beds were never changed...not that we cared since when we arrived home in the early hours of the morning we just passed out...but still...bed was a lil sandy.

Otherwise wicked hotel awesome friendly staff awesome beach would for sure go back again. Drinks were plentiful food was pretty good and the beach was too good to be much fun!

This review is the subjective opinion of a traveler who was victimized and not of or

Hotel xxxxxxxxxxx

We stayed at the Hotel xxxxxxx and although we thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Havana in April, it was despite the best efforts of the xxxxx Hotel.

We had booked two nights there at the beginning of our holiday, transferred to xxxxxxx for 10 days and another two nights at the xxxxx to finish.

Our transfer to xxxxxxx meant we had to leave the hotel at 4am. So we were half asleep when we left the hotel. On our arrival at xxxx we discovered that £180 had been taken from a wallet held in the room safe at the xxxxx The safe in the room used the same key card as the door to the room. Looking back, this fundamental security flaw meant that it didn't require a rocket scientist to arrange for a copy to be made and used at an opportune time to have a quick look in a room safe to see what might be there.

We reported the theft to our tour operator xxxxx and a fax was sent from xxxxxxx to their Havana office on the same day. On our return 10 days later i had expected an investigation to have taken place but no one at xxxxx was aware of the fax until it was found a day later. All attempts to discuss the theft with a Hotel Official were ignored and the xxxxx rep could not arrange a discussion with anyone about the theft either.

I would definitely try to book somewhere other than this hotel when visiting Havana again. We met some wonderful, open and friendly people during our stay there, but none of them worked in this hotel. And for the record i wouldn't touch xxxxx with a barge pole either.

This review is the subjective opinion of a traveler who was victimized and not of or

xxxxxxxxxxxx Costa Dorada

My husband, daughter and I have just returned from a 2 week Holiday at the xxxxxxxx Costa Dorada.

Please, please read this report if you are considering booking a holiday at the xxxxxx Costa Dorada as we ourselves booked this holiday after reading the rave reviews on different internet sites.

Good Points

English People - We made lots of new friends and the support from them was amazing. One lady that we didn't even know came running up to us when she was departing to say that she had 100 US Dollars left if we wanted them.

Food - A wide choice at breakfast from croissants and cheeses to a full English breakfast. The bacon was the best we've ever had on holiday. The smoothies are also a must. Entertainers - Especially xxxxx  and xxxxxx The Lion King show is definitely the highlight of the holiday. It's the best show that we have ever seen performed by the entertainers and children.

Bad Points

We also had money stolen from our safe (700 US Dollars), £150 English Pounds and our Flight Tickets. We presume that they may have thought the tickets were traveler's Checks as they are in a book. The money was stolen when we were on a trip to Ocean World. A Rep. from Ocean World is present in the Hotel for at least 18 hours a day!

Guest Services

With the exception of xxxxxxx. Laughed at us when the theft was reported. Accused us of lying as they said that there was only ourselves and the Head of Security that can access the safes. Which is a lie on their behalf as all the security people walk around with screwdrivers and Duracell batteries on their belts to change the batteries on the safe when they have worn down. Lots of things didn't add up. A technician had been in our room when we hadn't reported a problem and they said that it was to fumigate it and there was one of the security guards with him when it was being done.

The room was not fumigated when they say as it had been done 2 or 3 days previously as we'd received a note the night before telling us to cover any food that was in the room and we could smell it when we returned. We had a telephone call 2 nights previous to the theft when we were getting ready to go for our evening meal. It was from a male with a Spanish accent asking, "Is Peter there? Sorry wrong room Number". I was suspicious and left the T.V. on when we went for Dinner.

I informed Guest Services that we were reporting the theft to the Police and they said that if we wanted to waste more money then that was up to us as nothing would be done and they would just laugh at us. I was also threatened by the Head of Guest Services, he said that as I'd been seen going round telling English people what had happened that I may not be going home when I should, as I myself was committing a crime as I couldn't prove that the money had been stolen from our safe! I believe that because we were insistent on going to the Police, we were terrorized on our last night. We received 2 telephone calls, yes from a male with a Spanish accent. The 1st said "It's Peter", then put the phone down, the 2nd call half an hour later said, "Is Peter there? My husband said, "Hang on a minute, who is it?" they then put the phone down.

We left the phone off the hook but we were too petrified to go to sleep that night as we thought that they were coming back for our packed suitcases. I would be very interested to find out how many people this has actually happened to. I couldn't believe it when I saw a report on your site dated May 2006. Why is this still going on and how backward are they in using the same name? The staff believe that nothing can be done as I told them I would try my best for our Holiday from Hell to be publicized so it isn't allowed to happen to anybody again and they laughed at me and said, "You try it". Apparently xxxxxxxx sister company is one of the biggest hotels in Tenerife and that is why the staff believe they can't be touched.

This review is the subjective opinion of a traveler who was victimized and not of or www.CorporateTravelSafety.


Puerto Morelos: xxxxxxxxxx: "Unhelpful & Thieving Staff"

This was absolutely my worst trip to Mexico EVER!! There were close to 50 of us at xxxxx for a week long wedding celebration. Half the guests had items stolen from their room including me, which had $600 stolen from our room SAFE!! The manager did a room key check and saw the only person to enter our room that day was the maid, but said he had no proof she had taken the money so did nothing about the situation. I'm sure she will do it again.

Many other guests had items taken from their rooms as well. Nothing was done! Half of our party had no hot water, working air conditioners, etc. You would think after being with a group who spent thousands of dollars on this trip the hotel management would help their unhappy guests retrieve stolen items, but this was not the case! I will NEVER visit this hotel again for as long as I live!!!!!!

This review is the subjective opinion of a traveler who was victimized and not of or www.CorporateTravelSafety.




Puerto Morelos: xxxxxxx xxxx Cancun: "WARNING Money stolen from safe!"


Exxxxxxx is a gorgeous resort. The restaurants were great and the rooms were kept very clean. I just returned home yesterday from a week with my husband and 3 other couples. We were having a great time until day 5 when my girlfriend went to get money out of her room safe. The safe would not open. When the staff came and opened the safe she discovered almost $470.00 was missing!! The staff then proceeded to go thorough all her things turning all her pockets inside out and rummaging through everything. I can only assume they didn't believe her. They probed the safe and recorded the time the safe had been opened so far ,they then interviewed her and her husband and said they would investigate and let them no their findings by the following afternoon. When they went to the front desk the next day they were told sorry all the information had been erased and they would have to go to the police station in Cancun if they wanted to pursue this matter farther. In other words she was out of luck!

They did not offer any kind of compensation

Great resort but be careful!

This review is the subjective opinion of a traveler who was victimized and not of or www.CorporateTravelSafety.




Amsterdam: Hotel xxxxxx xx: "Watch Out For The Safe"


Our European holiday started on Tues 10th June from Auckland, New Zealand. One of our stays was at xxxxx xx, Amsterdam for 2 nights 21st and 22nd June and have just arrived home from London. On our entire trip we kept all money on our persons. At Europa we used the safe to store our UK pounds. On arriving in London, I was UKP 60 short and my husband UKP 130 short. Whoever had access to our rooms and safe was clever enough to realize that by taking all the money, the alarm would be raised, but by just taking a portion would be unnoticed! This matter will be taken up with the hotel but a positive result is not expected. Our travel insurers may also take a suspicious view but there you are.....people be alert! We are extremely careful people so this is a very large disappointment.

This review is the subjective opinion of a traveler who was victimized and not of or www.CorporateTravelSafety.


Avoid this hotel like the black plague xxxxxx Hotel Playa xxxxxx

Where do I begin. At hotel xxxxx, i got $400 dollars stolen out of the safe in my room along with my cell phone. The hotel employees are the only individuals who have access to the room, however, the owner took no responsibility whatsoever. She would not help at all, and blamed the missing money on myself. She was very rude.

Also, workers started hammering nails and working on the hotel every morning at 8:30 and continued throughout the entire day.

One morning our hot water went out and we were stuck taking cold showers and another day our electricity was out so we had no a/c. it was 115 degrees outside, so you can imagine how hot it got in the room.

There are lots of other hotels in the playa area that would be a much better choice. My advice is to avoid hotel xxxxx, try to find a place you can trust. getting all of your vacation money stolen on the second day is not fun...believe me.

This review is the subjective opinion of a traveler who was victimized and not of or www.CorporateTravelSafety.




Ciego de Avila: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx & Resort: "Caution!!!!"


My wife and I went to the xxxxxxxx resort for our Honeymoon. We were really excited as this was our first trip anywhere, and were looking forward to having some fun.

The resort is really nice and well maintained. The food is decent, but there is nothing like a home cooked meal. Beach was awesome. Tipping the staff really doesn't get you anything in return, service was mediocre at best. Rooms are very nice but not that clean, ants in the room but not a big problem, and sheets were never changed for the week we were there.

Now to the big problem we had at this resort. We had all our money stolen. And by stolen I mean taken from our LOCKED safe. Luckily they didn't take our passports, camera and watches, which were also in the safe. We confronted the resort about the theft and they did nothing about it...actually the manager was a bit threatening to me and implied if I reported this incident something would happen to me. Needless to say I didn't feel too comfortable.

We met another couple the day after and they too had money stolen from their locked safe. Coincidentally enough we shared the same maid as the other couple who was robbed. Same result from resort...not their problem.

So word of warning to anyone going to this very cautious of the safes in the room...they don't keep anything SAFE!!!!

This review is the subjective opinion of a traveler who was victimized and not of or www.CorporateTravelSafety.




Playa del Carmen: xxxxxxxxxxx: "Money stolen"


We stayed at the Rxx xxxxxxxx and we were having a wonderful time until we discovered that money was missing from our room safe. Some of our money was left but most was stolen!

After this incident it was hard to enjoy ourselves and feel safe. We notified the hotel asst. manager of the theft, we were treated very rudely and they pretty much denied that it could have happened. He never apologized to us - just denied it, defended his staff and said we should look elsewhere for our money. He insisted there was only one key but I am not convinced of that. How else could our money be missing. Beware and watch your stuff! It really ruined our vacation for the remainder of the time. Very disappointed in how we were treated. I had read several reviews prior to going and only a few stated problems with theft - now I know it's true. I can no longer recommend this resort or go back there. It's a shame that one bad apple ruined our outlook of this resort.

This review is the subjective opinion of a traveler who was victimized and not of or www.CorporateTravelSafety.

Rxx xxxxxxxx xxx

we check into the Rxx xxxxxxxx xxx in Negril around 4:30 p.m. ecstatic to be in a tropical paradise for 6 wonderful days. Since there are four of us, we are given adjoining rooms.

Upon checking in, we are given a bolt and key for the safe's in the two rooms. We are told to make sure we place our valuables in the safe and do not lose the key, since it would be a 50 dollar fine for a lost safe key.

We unpack our belongings and place money, cell phones, jewelry, passports, airline tickets, etc. in the safe. Besides the occasional shower or two, the next three days are wonderful. We are having a great time basking in the sun and drinking rum runners with little umbrellas.

Now I have heard to be careful in Jamaica because the people there have 'sticky fingers.' We are careful with our bags, and do not EVER leave anything unattended.

Since we are staying at an all inclusive resort, money is not really needed all of the time. Besides, we all had some money from before that we were using to tip the staff (which we did VERY OFTEN). We found no need to go into the safes until Sunday around 4:00. Three of us decide on Sunday afternoon that we were going to actually leave the resort and go to Margaritaville for a late lunch and some drinks.

Before leaving, two of the girls go into their safe to get some money for this fun day out we thought we are going to have. They open the safe to discover all of their cash and two credit cards are gone. $700 and an Visa and American Express card to be exact, GONE. The room now turns into complete panic mode.

There was no signs of breaking into the room. And the lock on the safe wasn't broken either. The key was never left alone. Someone was let in, and had a key to OUR SAFE. We called the front desk and our advised to come directly to the lobby. We go to the lobby and are met by the head of security. We proceed to tell him what happened, all the while receiving piercing stares from staff at the front desk. Like they are thinking, 'How dare you accuse US'

The head of security follows us to the room to look around. The police are called and after about an hour a 'detective arrives.' He also comes in wearing jeans, a tropical button up shirt and hat. He is carrying a Marble copy book. Is he really going to write a police report on loose leaf?? He looks at the lock on the safe and the doors in the room for about a total of 5 seconds and throws the lock on the bed and says in a heavy Jamaican accent 'No sign of breaking in hear Mon.' He stays for about an hour trying to understand what we are telling him. It isn't that difficult. We were robbed. The robber was let in by someone at this resort. What is so difficult about that. At this point, we advise the staff that we need to make numerous calls to the U.S. And we also advise them that we are NOT paying for them.

We were violated on your grounds, the least they could do was foot the phone bill. Since it is Sunday, many places are not doing business. We find out that in fact one credit card was used, but the details wouldn't be available until tomorrow. The detective tells us that there is nothing more he can do until the report of the card activity is available. He gives us his card and tells us to call him in the morning. We then leave our room to meet with the Manger of the whole resort. We tell him what happened. We tell him that we do not feel safe and we want to get the next flight out of here.

We tell him that we don't even HAVE to get a flight to Philadelphia. We just wanted to be back on American Soil. We tell him if we can't leave tonight, we want to have extra security at our front door and back veranda door. The general manager looks at us like WE are the criminals. He tell us that there is only one key to each safe. He tells us that we must of lost our key. He tells us that we have two rooms, maybe Myself and the other 'American Girl' stole the stuff. He says maybe we brought locals back to our rooms. He tells us that he can't get us a flight. And more importantly, he tells us there is nothing he can do and that the hotel isn't responsible for anything. Basically rubbing, no even better grinding salt into an already deep open wound and saying it's your problem girls.

I then ask for access to the internet to try and book our own flight out of this hell hole. He tells me to go into the gift shop and buy and internet card. Appalled at what is happening to us, we return to the room and decide that we will just go to bed and wait until the morning, when we have the credit card report. Scared to death, all four of us sleep in the same bed. We don't know how this intruder got in and whether or not he would be back. Most of the staff knew what was going on, and every place we went, we received stares and glares from staff.

Who's to say whoever let him in to our room didn't call him and tell him that we are onto him. He could of came back and murdered us, and the hotel would not care one bit. The made no attempt to accommodate four foreigners. We receive the report from Visa the next morning and find out that the card was rang up to $2600 in charges. Four pages of charges from 15 minutes from the Hotel at a gas station to three hours away. They attempted a $20,000 American Dollar, charge twice. But both times it was declined due to a $5000 limit. My two friends then go with armed officers to the gas station where the first purchase is made, and the receipt with the signature is pulled. The idiot didn't even have enough sense to sign my friend's name. He signed his own. The gas station attendant knows the man who did it. She says he is a regular that drives a tour bus. He is at that gas station almost every day. That is why she didn't ask him for his ID. The police tell her to call them when he comes in next and they will arrest him. Yeah. Ok.

Meanwhile the hotel manager and staff are made aware of what is going on and who it was that did it. They still could care less. They are still telling us that the stolen $700 in cash is not there responsibility. They are treating us like we did something wrong. Monday afternoon, they cut off our phone line to the United States. They wouldn't allow calls coming in or going out. We were waiting for our travel agent, lawyer, numerous people to call us. They wouldn't allow any calls. We had to sit in a hot, sweaty lobby for six hours waiting for our calls. The manager hung up on me three times. I asked to be connected to the United States embassy and was hung up on three times and then given bogus phone numbers. The manager wouldn't talk to our travel agent. He had his staff tell her that he was too busy or he was on a break. We sat in the lobby for six hours and watched him walking around, socializing with other guests. No one asked if we needed anything. I asked for a bottle of water and was told to buy one in the gift shop. We were treated like criminals. When we finally would get the manager to talk to us, he would get annoyed and walk away from us in the middle of talking.

When we tried to tell him that he should apologize for accusing us of stealing from each other, he told us no and walked away. It was like we were stuck in a bad dream. We are thousands of miles from home, and no one wants to help us. Monday night, the hotel finally connects a call to our room. It is a corporate rep from Liberty Travel in Jamaica. She tells us that she had a flight for us earlier in the day, free of charge. We were all guaranteed seats and we would of been home by now.

She said she spoke to the manager of the hotel and told him that she wanted to come to the hotel and get us and the manager told her if she step foot on his property, she would be arrested. He assured her that he would tell us what was going on and we would call her. He never told us. It was like he was in on this whole thing. We get up to leave on Tuesday, and go to check out. The hotel tries to hand us a $400 phone bill.

I argued with them until they must of got sick of listening to me and told me to forget it. We get on our tour bus and hand the man our voucher with our names on it. We get on the tour bus to the airport, relieved that we would be on an airplane soon enough. The bus driver receives a call apparently from his 'supervisor' and tells us that we are not going home today. That we are going to be stuck in a Jamaican jail. He tells us that his supervisor told him to tell us that there was going to be 2 police officers meeting us at the airport to do further investigations.

We get to the airport and decide to go to the police station. We don't want to just walk into the airport and wait for two supposed 'officers' to get us. We explain the whole story to a sergeant there and she calls our detectives handling the case. They tell her no officers should be meeting us. They never sent anybody. What they were going to try and do to us in the airport, I have no idea. We had to have police escort through the airport. Our vacation was a nightmare

This review is the subjective opinion of a traveler who was victimized and not of or www.CorporateTravelSafety.


Playa del Carmen: xxxxxx xxxxx Beach & Spa: "What you pay for you get"

We stayed there the end of March. The hotel is great and they are always working on it. The beach is great but you cant really go in the water in front of the hotel. Food on buffet was good, but we never could get into the restaurants. They only book a few people to eat there since they don't have the staff. We also got a diamond wedding band stolen and a pair of tennis shoes. We also talked to others who had money stolen out of their safe. Be careful!

Over all it was great fun, and will be nice when finished.

This review is the subjective opinion of a traveler who was victimized and not of or www.CorporateTravelSafety.


Puerta de Alcudia: xxxxx xxxx xx Hotel: "great value"

Myself my partner and two year old daughter stayed here for 11 nights,and had an enjoyable holiday the hotel is spotlessly clean the bedrooms are a little small but fine.we went to the beach for the first couple of days it is beautiful and clean but i preferred to stay round the pool got fed up of the sand.pool is lovely no big rush for sunbeds always plenty left over, and lovely warm in the restaurant was what you would expect from a foreign country,always something for everyone lots of fish and pork and chips but to be expected.drinks are quite expensive though.entertainment was ok some dodgy was a big issue when we were there people were getting their bags stolen from around the pool and then finding that as the safe key and room key was in there they also had their money stolen out of the safe,there was also a room break in so be aware..............all in all a cheap pleasant holiday

This review is the subjective opinion of a traveler who was victimized and not of or www.CorporateTravelSafety.


Cancun: xxxxxxx Beach & Resort: "Nightmare at the xxxxxxr"

This hotel has no right to be open. Anyone that says otherwise is lying. There is no internet service and no phones for that matter, no restaurants, only one bar that is just barely tolerable and a buffet meal served outside. We stayed one night and paid extra someplace else for the rest of our stay. Quests were complaining to the front desk every day about room problems.

Some had no ceiling in their room, some no air, some no water; some had valuables and money stolen out of their room safes. No refrigerator or mini-bars, our bed was short-sheeted.

It’s not relaxing to be treated badly and listen to saws and hammers all day. The hotel looks run down & very much in dis-repair. Do to funding issues, even the hotel staff were on strike on our first day.

This review is the subjective opinion of a traveler who was victimized and not of or www.CorporateTravelSafety.

Xxxxxx  xxxxx Hotel Cuba

On a recent stay in this hotel, we had money stolen out of the safe in our room, something that occurred after a series of dubious events with a room change and problems with our keys. The response of the hotel management to this unfortunate event was simply atrocious. The hotel managers refused even to consider our claim, but instead aggressively insisted we were the ones who were lying. We tried to report the theft to the police, but they immediately accepted the hotel's version of events -- they seemed to be very friendly with the hotel management -- and they would not even make a proper report. It was all very unpleasant.

It's a real shame because I had stayed in this hotel before and liked it for its small size and great location, and the housekeeping and other maintenance staff are really nice.

But until the management changes, stay away from this hotel unless you want to carry all your valuable around with you everywhere you go, and hope you have no other cause to ask for anything from the managers!

This review is the subjective opinion of a traveler who was victimized and not of or www.CorporateTravelSafety.


Milockie Hotel Safe Lock Specifications

Size: 72 mm x 45 mm x 45 mm 
Weight: 1 pound (320 grams) (including packaging)


  • Lock
  • Padlock (we suggest replacing this temporary lock with your own stronger lock) 
  • Travel Pouch