France – Pickpocket and Scam Activity at the Eiffel Tower

POSTED June 27th 2016 BY Beth Williams
Many tourists visit the surrounding area of the Eiffel Tower at night to see it lit up with strobe lights and enjoy the tower’s nighttime ambiance.  Another good reason to visit the tower late in the evening  is that there are smaller crowds and shorter lines which make the ascent more pleasant. In case you were unaware, the entire Eiffel tower is cloaked in the...
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Paris – Fake Petition Scam – Watch Video and Learn From A Victim

POSTED October 29th 2015 BY Beth Williams
Be Careful in Paris and Don’t Fall for the – Fake Petitioner Scam The fake petition scam has been going on in France, Italy, and Spain for years because it is so successful. It’s a scam many first time visitors fall for because it starts out as what appears to be a legitimate conversation with a friendly local. You should avoid like the plague. You...
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France – How To Avoid Paris Metro Pickpockets

POSTED January 30th 2015 BY Beth Williams
Don’t Fall for Pickpocket Scams in Paris while using the Paris Metro or Trains Paris is the city of light, fashion, artistic expression and love. Paris was also rated in a survey as one of the top ten citites in the world for pickpockets. Tourists visiting Paris are targeted by a variety of thieves, which can be can be any gender, race, or age, however,...
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France – Found-Lost Gold Ring Scam in Paris – Video

POSTED August 3rd 2014 BY Beth Williams
Beware of the Lost – Found Gold Ring Scam The “lost ring” scam is one of the oldest and most famous of the tourist scams in Paris, as well as other parts of Europe popular with tourists.  Due to its success of ripping tourists off, locals have given it a name – they call it “being ringed.”  There are several versions of what many call...
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France – Watch Out for the Infamous Paris String or Friendship Bracelet Scam

POSTED June 23rd 2014 BY Beth Williams
A Famous Tourist Scam in Paris, France You’ll find this scam is one of the top scams in Paris, France. It’s been around for many years, (because it works) and is known as the “Friendship Bracelet Scam” the “Paris String Scam” or by the name given to those who try to commit the scam on you, “Bracelet Pushers.” The scam is committed by who many...
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France – Favorite Pickpocket Scams

POSTED June 5th 2014 BY Beth Williams
France is known for romance, decadent wines, crusty baguettes and cheeses aged to perfection. France is also famous for its pocket thieves and swindlers. Petty crime, bag snatching and pickpocketing present a common annoyance for travelers throughout the country, but mainly in larger cities such as Paris, Marseilles, Nice and Strasbourg. Key targets for lone and gangs of thieves include public transportation, hotel lobbies, tourist attractions...
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Paris Pickpockets – How To Recognize and Avoid Them

POSTED April 9th 2014 BY Beth Williams
With over 2.2 million city residents and millions of tourists, it is easy to see how this crowded city can make a petty thief rich. The US Embassy reports that major sites such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and the Champs-Elysées are prime hunting grounds for Paris pickpockets who work near tourist attractions. Additional areas where travelers need to be vigilant of pickpocket scams in...
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France – Pickpockets Inside the Louvre Museum

POSTED August 14th 2013 BY Beth Williams
Anyone who plans on visiting Paris almost always makes their way to the famous Louvre Museum for obvious reasons – mostly to visit the “La Gioconda” (The Mona Lisa).  However, if you plan to visit the Louvre or any other Paris museum that is known to attract travelers, you should make sure you are aware of the increase in pickpocket activity at the museums.  Last...
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France – Montmartre – Amazing Views but Beware of Pickpockets / Scam Artists!

POSTED August 10th 2013 BY Beth Williams
Montmartre – Amazing Views but Beware of Paris Pickpockets and Scam Artists! Most travelers who visit Paris will probably visit Montmartre as it is one of the best places in Paris with absolutely amazing views of Paris – of course, other than the Eiffel Tower! Just keep in mind that where tourist flock, so do pickpockets and other scam artists.   One of the main areas that Paris...
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France – Cell Phone Thefts in Paris

POSTED January 28th 2013 BY Beth Williams
Going to Paris, France?  Be smart when using your expensive cell phone in public.  Muggings are being reported with cell phones the target for theft. They are just being ripped from out of the users hands! Theft is not just at night when you would assume that these occurrences would be higher, but during the day too.  Many of the police reports have highlighted the...
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