2 Best Travel Apps For 2017

POSTED January 13th 2017 BY Travel Writer
Technology and travel have merged together to bring you an easy and safe travel experience.  Safeture and Hitlist are two of the best travel apps for fast and easy travel information. Using the Safeture and Hitlist apps will ensure that you get the best flight prices as well as a secure trip. Start planning for your 2017 Travel Trips now using these two apps! Safeture Keeping...
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How to Avoid Train and Metro Ticket Machine Scams

POSTED December 27th 2015 BY Travel Writer
How to Avoid Train and Metro Scams – Part 1 Ticket Machine Scams Listen-Up fellow travelers. When traveling overseas, travelers can fall victim to a variety of travel scams – and one area that stands out is train and metro stations. This is part 1 of a two-part audio presentation from Detective Kevin Coffey and specifically focuses on how to avoid falling victim to some...
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Euro Coin Scam – Check Your Change so You Don’t End up with Worthless Coins!

POSTED July 4th 2010 BY Beth Williams
Even since the Euro came into circulation in 2001, travelers have been falling victim to an age old coin scam – switching currency coins with those that look very similar, but are worthless. The scam usually involves a transaction where Euro coins are given back as change.  If you do not pay attention to the coins you are given back as change, you may see...
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Common Scams To Watch Out For When Traveling

POSTED April 12th 2010 BY Beth Williams
Tourists have been the targets of scam for as long as anyone can remember. What’s interesting is that many of these scams used over 100 years ago are still as popular today – they are just updated a little bit to fit today’s times. Here is a list of the most common travel scams that you should be aware of before traveling overseas.  Travel Scam...
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Spain – Fake Police Scam in Barcelona

POSTED March 21st 2010 BY Beth Williams
The fake police scam in Barcelona alleges that the police are looking for counterfeit money. While this tourist scam is found in different parts of the world  it seems to be reported much more in Barcelona, Span.  The scam works like this. First, the thieves look for obvious, unsuspecting tourists that are walking in an area that does not have a lot of foot traffic....
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Telephone Area Code 809 Scam

POSTED January 23rd 2010 BY Beth Williams
The “809” scam has many permutations but they all involve a message to you (either by e-mail, phone or pager) that you immediately call a number in the “809” area code to avoid some bad consequence (such as litigation, or to receive information about someone who has been arrested or died) or to gain some good benefit (such as winning a wonderful prize). The “809”...
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