Is Your Car Vulnerable to Burglary?

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Car burglar stealing laptopDid you know 1 out of 3 people will have their vehicle broken into this year?

How many times have you left items of value in your car (purse, wallet, gun, important documents, expensive electronics etc.) not thinking you could come back to a smashed window or break-in and have the potential for a significant loss because of a successful thief?

Whether you drive a car, truck, SUV or RV, you need a secure place to lock the valuables you leave behind in your automobile. It only takes seconds to break into a vehicle, and theft from cars is more common than you think. Thieves not only know your “hiding spots”, but you make their job even easier when things are left out in clear view of the car seat or the floor of your vehicle. Most casual thieves lurking around beaches, hotels, parking lots and other locations are looking for unattended property left inside a car. Often they use simple “tools of the trade,” like a knife or screwdriver, which are easy to hide inside a pocket. Both can facilitate entry into a wide variety of bags, doors, or even cars within a few seconds. Vehicle safes guard against sticky hands and break-ins, while providing peace of mind during those prolonged periods of time that you are away from your vehicle. Given the right tools and enough time most systems can be breached, however, the majority of thieves don’t carry suspicion alerting bolt cutters and hammers, and they certainly don’t have the time as they must strike quickly!  Vehicle safes provide protection from these types of thefts by adding an extra layer of protection between a thief and your valuables. Secure in-car safe’s will improve the security of your valuables and elevate your protection.

Good Common Sense Advice for Minimizing Car Break-ins

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Decide Which Type of Car Safe is Right For You

Gun Security

In- Car Safe

In-Car Safe Combo or Key Lock. Includes Steel Tether Cable

What do you do with your handgun when you need to go into a location which restricts your ability to carry it?  Do you place it in your car glove box, in the trunk, or hide it under your car seat? Doing so is highly irresponsible, and in some cases illegal. It is your responsibility to know the law and to act accordingly as it applies to properly and safely storing your firearm.

Law enforcement officers, especially off-duty, frequently face the concern on how to properly and responsibly secure their weapons.  Many public venues such as concert halls, stadiums, and amusement parks will not allow anyone, including law enforcement, to carry a firearm inside. Protecting the safety of others begins with accountability, responsibility & obligation toward individual security, organization, and care of weapons and gear.

Each state (and many times counties within a state) has different laws pertaining to the proper storage and transportation of firearms (loaded and unloaded) in vehicles and other forms of mobile environments.  Prior to purchasing these safes, it is your responsibility to verify your area’s legal requirements.  If you are in violation of your area’s weapons laws, you risk a great chance of being arrested.

Portable/Mobile Safes

Various styles and sizes of portable safes offer protection from theft. Use them at home, office, dorm room or in your vehicle for security on the go. Place your valuables inside, lock closed using either a key or combo lock, and secure it to a car seat frame, expose plumbing, bed frame or anything else. Select one to meet your needs for peace of mind. Here are just a few to review.

In Car Safe – A portable, securable and affordable solution to secure your handgun or other valuables to a secure fixture in your vehicle, office, home, or hotel room multi-strand, braided steel cable is used to secure the portable in- car safe to a secure object.

Security Lock Box with Mounting Sleeve

Security Lock Box with Mounting Sleeve

Security Lockbox – What makes this Portable Security Lock Box different from all others is that it can be secured and easily removed from a steel mounting plate which you bolt down in your vehicle, boat, RV, home, or office.  With multiple sleeves, you have the option to lock your valuables in various locations. It is built from diamond-plate steel in a black powder-coat finish with a stainless steel carry handle for easy transport to and from locations.




Transporter with Keyless Lock and Tether Cable

Transporter with Keyless Lock and Tether Cable

Transporter Portable Safe– A favorite among law enforcement and government agencies. Originally designed with the military and law enforcement professional in mind, the Transporter Portable Safe features a built-in retractable tether cable that allows it to be securely locked down virtually anywhere – inside or outside your vehicle. Vault is made from massive 12-gauge, cold rolled plate steel and engineered like nothing else in the industry. The Transporter features a built-in combination lock for easy keyless entry.


Permanent Style Vehicle Safe

Console Vault

Vault is Hidden Form View When Console Lid is Closed


Few safes are truly permanent and bolt to the car. Console Vault – The Console Vault truck safe is designed to fit inside your existing console cavity using existing bolts so it won’t damage your truck or SUV. The Console Vault truck safe is completely hidden from view. Leased vehicles are not damaged in any way, and will allow the vehicle to be returned to the dealer in its original condition. Choice of a 3 dial combination or key lock, & is made from massive 12-gauge, cold rolled plate steel.



Have questions or want some guidance which style is right for you?
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