Take a Great Selfie! A Few Simple Tips

BY Beth Williams

How to Take a Selfie – A Few Tips to Make it Great and Worthy of Posting!

Everyone’s doing it; that is taking selfies!  A selfie is an informal or impromptu shot snapped with a digital camera or smartphone held at arm’s length. It’s usually a spontaneous shot that more often than not ends up on social media such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

A selfie can be just a headshot of yourself, a shot with friends all grouped together, or yourself in a great location like in front of a fabulous location like the Eiffel Tower, Zermatt, or the Taj Mahal. When traveling selfies can be a quick and playful way to say “ I’m having fun!” And to create a real-time travel photo journal online.

3 Quick Tips to Look Your Best

Light:  Good lighting is key. Your source of light, including the sun, should be in front of you and a bit, if possible, above eye level never behind you. Light from behind will cast a shadow in your face and ruin the selfie.

Filters:  Try something new to add interest to your photo. Many phones have an app that can add an interesting dimension to the use of color and light filters. Try playing with the simplest ones such as black and white and sepia for a little variety, often more is not needed. Don’t let the special effects overshadow the subject matter being photographed.

Extend your arm beyond arm’s length:  Often you just can’t get all that you want to snap in the photo! Since you can’t lengthen your arm to capture more in the frame. Use a portable extended selfie arm!  It has an auto shutter button on the pole, so you don’t have to use a timer and it fits both iPhones and Android phones. It collapses down so you can slide it into your day bag and it’s lightweight too.

Most importantly focus on seeing the sights and enjoying your trip, worry-free.  Ensure your peace of mind by selecting the right type of functional and anti-theft travel and camera gear before you go, so you don’t lose your valuable camera with all your memories inside.

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