Video See Pickpockets Caught in the Act

BY Travel Writer

The below video shows how well-orchestrated pickpockets operate in Argentina. This video is from the Travel and Escape TV network and really catches thieves in action and even gets them to talk to the camera when caught.

Protect yourself and your valuables when traveling. You as a tourist are a prime target. If victimized you’ll most likely not take the time to report the theft to the local police, and the thieves know that.  Step one is to carry your credit cards, money, passport, and phone in a manner that makes it impossible or very, very difficult for a skilled pickpocket or team of thieves to distract you and steal from you. Use a concealed pouch you wear under clothing or carry a bag with built-in anti-theft features. Both are good solutions so that you can enjoy your trip, take in the sites, and mingle with locals.

Travel safe and travel smart.