Deaf Mute and Fake Petition Scams in Europe

BY Beth Williams

Tourist Scams in Europe Include “Deaf Mute” People with Petitions 

Thieves and scammers make a living preying on the kind hearts and naivete of tourists.  Familiarize yourself with these scams and save your money. The Deaf Mute Scam and the Fake Petition Scam typically involves women or young girls as the scammers. Some are pregnant, but on occasion young boys may also use this scam. Women and young girls find this scam as a fairly easy one to get money from unsuspecting tourists.

There are people who are legitimately disabled and may use this method as a way to obtain money. Scammers are exploiting sympathetic feelings of visitors. Sadly, the majority of the women who approach you and identify themselves as a deaf mute, or solicit you with a fake petition are simply trying to scam you and take your money. vary, but the ones that have the most pull on your heart strings works best for them – those include orphanages.

Fake Petition Scam and How it Works

When it comes to the Fake Petition Scam, know that the majority of the time the petition the scammer shows you is not official. It is not even a petition.  The fake petition will be some type of official-looking paper that is asking for some type of donation to a charity. The types of charities crippled, homeless, deaf, and or blind children charities – it does not matter what is printed on the form. The most devious use the name of an official charity, but the money never goes to them.

The petition is usually in English – which should immediately raise your suspicion as you are in a non-English speaking country. You are being targeted as an American tourist. French is the preferred language in Paris, so why is the petition in English? It is only a ruse to swindle you out of your money.

If you give a small donation, many times the scammer will draw your attention to the clipboard they are using that has the petition you signed and point to the part of the form that states “Minimum 2, 3, 5 or even 10 Euros” the scammer will use a paper with different rates depending on how much money they think they can scam you out of. If you refuse or challenge them on the amount, depending on the scammer and how well they think they can pressure you into giving more, some will become belligerent, yell, cuss, and even spit at you.

Videos of the Deaf Mute – Fake Petition Scams

This is a video of a tourist who had the fake petition scam pulled on him as a ruse for a thief to steal his iPhone.