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Travel Tips: Speed through TSA Airport Lines with These Hacks

Travelers are waiting in longer and longer TSA security lines, missing flights and in some cases sleeping overnight in the airport.

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Top Pickpocket Locations London Subways

While London tops many traveler’s lists as one of their must-see cities to visit in Europe, certain London’s subway lines are tops with pickpockets.

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Women's Travel Essentials

Keep it Light for Peace of Mind Whether you’re packing, going out for a day of sight-seeing, or going out at night, you will want to keep it light.

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Fall In Love With Packing

POSTED October 2nd 2015 BY Travel Writer
So you’ve booked your flight, hotel and rental car, now all that’s left to do is stuff your entire closet into a bag. Let’s face it; the best part of travel is not packing. We often worry about having enough options, over packing our suitcase, making sure it’s within airline weight restrictions and much more. We have put together three packing items that will make...
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Restaurant Purse Theft Videos

POSTED September 26th 2015 BY Ellen
Tips and Tools to Prevent Purse Thefts in Restaurants Thefts of purses at restaurants is an issue that impacts travelers around the world – and is why all travelers should spend a little bit of time educating themselfs how to avoid have their purse or travel bag stolen while dining in restaurants. Having your purse stolen while traveling overseas can devastate your trip and many times will cause...
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Top Pickpocket Locations London Subways

POSTED September 14th 2015 BY kevin4371
While London tops many traveler’s lists as one of their must-see cities to visit in Europe, certain London’s subway lines are tops with pickpockets. The busier the station or line is with travelers the busier it is with pickpockets.  Make sure you are safe from pickpockets while using the London Underground or Tube so you don’t waste precious vacation time in a police station making...
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Hotel Room Safes – They May Not Be as Safe as You Think

POSTED September 11th 2015 BY Ellen
For years, you have always been told not to leave your valuables out in plain view when you leave your hotel room. Thefts of valuables from hotel rooms, while not rampant, are a real problem. Master keys and master key cards in the wrong hands make the thefts easier and faster. See what happens when thieves gain access to a hotel’s master key card system or...
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How to Avoid Bus Pickpockets – Video

POSTED September 2nd 2015 BY Ellen
Crowds are a great work environment for pickpockets. Add a little motion of a train or bus and it is even better to disguise any bumps or touches. This video catches a pickpocket working a crowded bus. The videos below show how easy it is for a pickpocket to steal a wallet from an unsuspecting tourist who is riding on a crowded bus or train....
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Italy – Top Pickpocket Locations and Scams in Rome

POSTED August 3rd 2015 BY Ellen
Rome, Italy – a city where many say civilization began – and a city that many report is the pickpocket capital of Italy.  Almost everyone going to Italy will visit Rome, just make sure you keep track of your wallet and purse while visiting the great sites. Rome is a very large city packed full of ancient sites, museums, magnificent churches, and excellent food, making...
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How to Avoid Theft on European Trains

POSTED August 3rd 2015 BY kevin4371
Train travel in Europe is efficient, comfortable and usually quite safe. Many tourists somewhere on their European adventure will travel by rail.  However, where there are tourists there are thieves. The theft of luggage from trains is an ongoing problem. The more stops on your trip the more chances of theft. So if you plan on train travel take a moment and learn how you...
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Lost, Delayed and Damaged Luggage – Tips You Need to Know Before You Fly

POSTED July 4th 2015 BY Ellen
You have either seen it or heard about this gut wrenching experience. Your airplane arrives at your final destination – you walk down to baggage claim – and stand at the baggage carousel for what seems like an eternity. You watch everyone else’s bags come down the conveyor belt. Then the carousel comes to an abrupt stop. You stand there staring at the empty baggage carousel...
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Scooters and Mopeds-Tourist Rental Tips to Stay Safe

POSTED June 28th 2015 BY Travel Writer
Renting a scooter on vacation is a great way to get around and see the sights. We think if  you’re up for it it’s a great way to experience the local flavor.  While this is a great idea, you do need to take a few precautions to make sure you don’t fall victim to some of the most common scooter theft scams that occur around...
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Beggars Fake Handicaps – Prey on Tourists’ Emotions

POSTED June 27th 2015 BY Ellen
Beggars faking handicaps are found around the world, and they love to target travelers who often have big hearts to give them money.  If you’re one of those kind-hearted tourists you need to know that many beggars are very healthy people who are scamming you.  They are great actors. They dress up and pretend that they are poor and handicapped. Some beggars go so far...
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