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Travel Tips: Speed through TSA Airport Lines with These Hacks

Travelers are waiting in longer and longer TSA security lines, missing flights and in some cases sleeping overnight in the airport.

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Top Pickpocket Locations London Subways

While London tops many traveler’s lists as one of their must-see cities to visit in Europe, certain London’s subway lines are tops with pickpockets.

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Women's Travel Essentials

Keep it light for peace of mind. Whether you’re packing, going out for a day of sight-seeing, or going out at night, you will want to keep it light.

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How to Travel With Your Pet on a Plane

POSTED February 18th 2016 BY Travel Writer
When traveling with your pet, it is always important to make travel decisions that keep your pet the safe and comfortable. It’s vital that you plan ahead of time. You have to make travel decisions that will keep your pet safe and comfortable. Follow these tips for domestic air or car travel.  International travel with your pet requires much more preparation. Did you know that...
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7 Ways to Stay Healthy Abroad

POSTED February 16th 2016 BY Travel Writer
Going on a vacation is exciting and fun, but being unhealthy while you’re away is not. You want to stay healthy while traveling There are ways to stay fit while still being able to enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Even keeping these tips in mind can go a long way to keeping your immune system strong. Check out these simple tips!   1) Walk...
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Italy – Child Pickpockets a Menace in Venice

POSTED February 6th 2016 BY Beth Williams
While Venice is one of the jewels of Italy, it also has a reputation for child pickpockets. Most first time tourists to Italy pick Venice as one of their destinations to visit. First-time tourists and even repeat visitors should be aware that while they are enjoying the charms of the city they are targets for pickpockets including child pickpockets. What may take thieves just a moment...
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Which Purses Pickpockets Love To Pick

POSTED February 6th 2016 BY Beth Williams
Finding a pickpocket-proof purse for travel is a smart investment for keeping your valuables secure. Here is some friendly advice and tips from a thief who is now helping people avoid becoming victims. Read on to learn how pickpockets operate and which purses thieves like to steal from the most.  Pickpocket proof purses have hidden built-in anti-theft features to help keep your valuables safe. The best...
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5 Last Minute Ideas for Valentine’s Day

POSTED February 5th 2016 BY Travel Writer
Sometimes we get busy and forget the Hallmark holidays, but don’t let your significant other suffer for it! Ssssshhhhh… we won’t tell! There’s still a ton of last minute ideas and places you can go to show the one you love that you care. Check out these tips and tricks to make this Valentine’s Day, a memorable one.   Airbnb Stay – this website has...
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Tipping Guidelines for Hotel, Restaurants and Bars

POSTED January 30th 2016 BY Beth Williams
Tipping Guidelines for Hotel, Restaurants, and Bars Not many people remember that the word “tip” is an acronym for “to insure promptness” anymore. Tipping  now has become expected and standardized. In some countries everyone from the waiter to the porter to the proprietor figure-in gratuities as part of  their wages.  In other countries, it’s a different story. Here’s some help in paying your own percentage...
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Best Places to Travel in 2016

POSTED January 5th 2016 BY Travel Writer
Makes these beautiful places part of your travel plans next year. It’s time to take the trip of a lifetime! Don’t know where to visit that is unusual and wonderful? Think exotic and think local, all these destination are must-see top travel destinations for 2016. Visiting one could be the trip of a lifetime. Start planning now and book your flight somewhere between 3 weeks...
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Video See Pickpockets Caught in the Act

POSTED December 29th 2015 BY Travel Writer
The below video shows how well-orchestrated pickpockets operate in Argentina. This video is from the Travel and Escape TV network and really catches thieves in action and even gets them to talk to the camera when caught. Protect yourself and your valuables when traveling. You as a tourist are a prime target. If victimized you’ll most likely not take the time to report the theft to...
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9 Tips for In Flight Comfort

POSTED December 28th 2015 BY Beth Williams
These are 9 simple reminders about what you can actually do to be more comfortable during your time on board a plane. Sit in bulkhead or exit row aisles. Bulkheads offer extra leg room and no one can recline his seat back into your face. Remember that you have to store your carry-on luggage in the overheads though. Exit rows have the luxury of extra...
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How to Avoid Train and Metro Ticket Machine Scams

POSTED December 27th 2015 BY Travel Writer
How to Avoid Train and Metro Scams – Part 1 Ticket Machine Scams Listen-Up fellow travelers. When traveling overseas, travelers can fall victim to a variety of travel scams – and one area that stands out is train and metro stations. This is part 1 of a two-part audio presentation from Detective Kevin Coffey and specifically focuses on how to avoid falling victim to some...
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