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33 Easy Tricks to Make Trip Planning a Breeze

POSTED February 4th 2018 BY Beth Williams
Trip planning can be stressful. Learn what to do before you plan your next trip to make traveling as organized, stress-free, and cost-effective as possible. From prepping and packing to getting through airport security with ease, a few easy guidelines and pre-travel preparation can help cut down on travel delays and on-the-go mishaps. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced traveler, these 33 easy tricks are...
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Pickpocketing and RFID Digital Theft Increase: How to Prevent Becoming a Victim

POSTED January 24th 2018 BY Travel Writer
Pickpocketing and RFID digital ID theft are two ongoing problems affecting tourists around the world. San Francisco shows an increase in the numbers of pickpocketing. Meanwhile, one thief at Coachella allegedly pickpocketed more than 100 phones at the music festival. Thieves have even been caught on video pickpocketing victims, who fall asleep on public transportation or subways. When traveling overseas, reports pickpocketing is a major issue in...
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Fingerprinting: What You Need To Know Now About TSA Pre✓®

POSTED January 17th 2018 BY Travel Writer
Are you ready for fingerprinting in exchange for a faster experience at the airport? It’s true that there’s nothing worse than waiting in a long line at the airport. You’re already running late but your line isn’t moving. Out of the corner of your eye, you see an alternative shorter line moving much faster than your line. You also notice that those passengers don’t need...
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10 Trending Anti-Theft Crossbody Handbags for Travel

POSTED January 11th 2018 BY Travel Writer
Crossbody handbags are trending. They’re popular, comfortable, and keep your belongings safe from pickpockets. This is the best time to find the perfect sized anti-theft crossbody handbag for travel. What size handbag are you looking for: long & skinny, small, medium, or large? Be like Goldilocks and find the right size for your next trip. Each size can hold a different number of items but...
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Top Travel Destinations in the United States for 2018

POSTED January 4th 2018 BY Travel Writer
New travel destinations are ready and waiting for your visit. Corporate Travel Safety is proud to present our list for the Top 6 Travel Destinations in the United States for 2018. For each travel destination, we’ll match the perfect travel safety items. 1. New York City, New York. New York City is one of the most incredible cities to visit because of its rich history,...
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Tips For Safeguarding Your Data While on the Road

POSTED December 17th 2017 BY Beth Williams
One of the most liberating benefits of modern technology is the mobility and flexibility it gives us. Stay connected on vacation for fun, or even to sneak a peek at office emails if you must. If you’re out of the office for work, you won’t be out of the loop thanks to technology. All you need to do is carry your laptop, mobile phone or...
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