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Sherpani Travel Bags

POSTED August 25th 2018 BY Travel Writer
Sherpani, from Boulder, Colorado is American designed and inspired. These travel bags will take you around the world or around town. Style and functionality are yours with a bag from Sherpani. Shop the Vibe Crossbody Bag Now    Shop the Jag Crossbody Bag Now     Shop the Indie Buff Chai Backpack Now     Shop the Sadie Birch Crossbody Bag Now   Shop Rebel Crossbody...
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How to Beat Jet Lag

POSTED August 24th 2018 BY Travel Writer
How to Beat Jet Lag If you’ve ever traveled across time zones you know that jet lag can be debilitating and can influence your normal circadian rhythm making you tired too early in the day or causing you to wake up too early in the morning. Here are the best tricks to keep your body clocking ticking. Drink lots of water Hydrate before, during, and after...
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10 Tips to Save You Money on Exchanging Money

POSTED July 20th 2018 BY Beth Williams
Here are a few tips that make exchanging your US dollars for a foreign currency easier and less expensive. The key is to avoid unnecessary bank fees and transaction fees. Often using credit cards with no foreign transaction fees will give you the best exchange rate, however, you still need local currency for small transactions and tips or locations that may not accept credit cards. Protect...
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Pickpocket Proof Clothing

POSTED July 19th 2018 BY Travel Writer
Travelers are targets for savvy pickpockets and thieves. Tourist season is their busy season. Now your clothing can function as what separates you from a pickpocket. Scarves, pants, shirts, socks, and underwear now have discreet and hidden pockets designed to hold valuables close and secure.  These clever travel clothes make great bon voyage gifts too. Here are a few of our favorites items. Made with soft and...
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Frequent Flier Miles Can Be Stolen

POSTED July 18th 2018 BY Travel Writer
Frequent flier miles and travel rewards are worth money and just like money can be stolen right out of your account or wallet. Most of us just let them accumulate in our frequent flier or mileage rewards accounts without much thought until it’s time for a flight upgrade, vacation, or redemption for merchandise. Thieves think of loyalty points or frequent flier miles as currency and...
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11 Items Frequent Flyers Pack, And You Should Too!

POSTED July 1st 2018 BY Beth Williams
These items frequent flyers pack are clever and offer so many uses. Savvy travelers pack all or some these items. Be prepared for any situation. Luggage Scale Protect yourself from overweight fees, especially after you’ve stuffed a few souvenirs into your bag for the way home. Portable Power Supply You never know when your phone or other devices will need power when you’re away from your...
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