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What People Steal From Hotels

POSTED February 7th 2023 BY Travel Writer
What People Steal From Hotels Have you ever taken something from a hotel? How about travel-sized shampoo or unused soap? Hotels expect that and even see it as advertising for the hotel you take home. However, what some people steal from hotels goes beyond that. Some hotel guests steal large and expensive items like towels and robes. No doubt you’ve found a card placed on...
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How Safe Are Hotel Room Safes?

POSTED February 7th 2023 BY Beth Williams
Every “how to” article about keeping your valuables secure in a hotel recommends placing them in the in-room safe. So how safe are hotel room safes? Your hotel safe is a very good place to keep valuables out of view and it is a much better solution than trying to hide them in your room. So how safe are hotel room safes?  The answer is...
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Doing Laundry in Your Hotel Room

POSTED February 4th 2023 BY Beth Williams
Travel light by packing less and doing laundry on vacation or while traveling. If you travel for more than a few days you should plan on doing laundry in the sink/tub of your hotel or B&B. This keeps the weight of your bag down so it is easier to carry or maneuver. Never done laundry by hand in a hotel sink?  It’s pretty simple.  Here’s...
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Over the Counter Travel Medications You Should Always Pack

POSTED January 8th 2023 BY Travel Writer
The 8 most purchased must-pack over-the-counter travel medications you should pack. It never fails if you’re going to get sick while away from home, it’ll happen at night when the stores are closed or somewhere when you’re a distance from a town with a drug store, and the worst scenario is it happens in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language. So be...
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Six Seconds with a Coat Hanger to Break into Your Garage

POSTED January 7th 2023 BY Beth Williams
How Thieves Break Into Locked Garages with Just a Coat Hanger It is relatively easy for thieves to break into your home by the garage door. It only takes a few seconds, and with a little practice, you could do it too. Once you see how easy it is to break into a closed garage door, you should be inspired to take away the break-in...
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In 2023 US citizens must register with ETIAS to visit Europe

POSTED November 11th 2022 BY Travel Writer
Starting in November 2023 US citizens will need to register to visit the 26 European countries that make up the Schengen Area countries which include some of the most popular destination countries of  Spain, France, Italy and Germany. This is a security screening of travelers prior to travel and entering European countries. Once you get your clearance from the European Travel Information and Authorization System...
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