Hotel Liability Reduction – Fake Fire Alarm Activations in Hotels – Petra Risk Solutions

Some hotels have been experiencing pranks where someone is calling a hotel employee and saying they are with the fire department or fire alarm company and saying that the alarm system is giving false codes.  The hotel employee is then told that the system needs to be checked and the employee is told to activate the hotel alarm system to verify the possible error.   The employee is also told that by activating the alarm will not set of the hotel master alarm, as the system has been set to “test”.  Of course this is just a prank and the alarm is in fact activated and the fire department is called.

The following video has been posted by the company Petra Risk Solutions, which is an organization which provides risk reduction strategies to the hospitality industry.  The following video is one that they posted which discusses this prank and what hotels might do to help prevent the issue in the future.