Why You Need a Security Camera Strap

BY Beth Williams

Safeguard Your Camera with an Anti-Theft Camera Strap

An anti-theft camera strap can help you bring home your saved memories plus your valuable camera. “Camera snatches,” or “cut and run” camera thefts, usually occur in tourist locations. Smart thieves recognize the value of your equipment and can be quick to find a way to relieve you from it.  It’s easy to be distracted either intentionally by clever thieves or unintentionally because you’re focusing on your next shot. Here are a few tips to make sure your camera and gear stay secure on your trip.

Cut and Run Camera and Gear Bag Thefts 

Cut and Run thefts usually occur on crowded subways or train platforms, buses, or other pedestrian dense locations where people are crowded up against each other. Typically several thieves work together looking for that moment when they can cut your camera strap from behind you and run off with your gear. Often the moment of theft includes being jostled on the opposite side of your body where you’re carrying your bag or gear. Typically an apologetic stranger will bump into your left shoulder and engage you in an apology while touching your shoulder or arm. Simultaneously an accomplice cuts the strap holding your gear on your right shoulder, slides it off your body, and runs away with it amidst the confusion. The whole choreographed incident happens in under five seconds.

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Security Solution- Anti-Theft Camera Straps

Camera security straps look and feel like regular camera straps. What makes them different from the rest is that the straps have steel cables woven into the straps to thwart “cut and run” type theft. Additionally, a good anti-theft camera strap has an anti-snatch security clip so if you set a camera down for even a moment, you can unlatch the built-in security clip to wrap the strap around a stationary item like a chair rail and then back onto the camera.  Camera security straps come in a number of styles and sizes you’re sure to find one just right for your gear and budget.

Anti-theft Features to Look for in a Camera Security Strap

carrysafe100 anit-theft camera strapThe CarrySafe 100 is a security camera neck strap that combines comfort and two anti-theft security features to provide security for your camera or binoculars. It has a softly cushioned strap with a breathable neck pad and features a slash-proof strap and snatch-proof connectors.

The CarrySafe 150 The discreet, quick action Carrysafe® 150 anti-theft sling camera strap lets you keep your eye on the target, as you grab, point and shoot. Designed to hang upside down and diagonally across the body, finding your camera is as clicking the button.

Additional Security Options to Protect Your Camera Gear

Today you have the option to upgrade your travel gear and camera gear bags to be anti-theft in addition to all the other features you demand in a new gear bag, such as superior comfort and organization. Travel a little more relaxed and worry-free knowing your gear and memories are secure.

Look for bags styled as camera security backpacks, anti-theft duffel bags, and antitheft cross-body bags. These various forms of bags have built-in wire in the most vulnerable portions of the bags, like the bottom to prevent slashing. They also have zipper pulls that lock down so only you can open them. This is highly important whether you leave your gear bag out of view and even on smaller cross body bags or backpacks that you wear out in crowded places. One feature that several larger bags or backpacks have is a security lock down feature. This security feature is typically a built-in cable or strap that you can wrap around a stationary item like a bed frame, clothes rod or something in the car trunk and then back onto the bag. Finally, you lock it closed with a heavy-duty padlock. This prevents a thief from picking up your bag and running off with it. Think of these styles as portable safes you’ll use for many years. Select from these anti theft camera bags, including camera security straps, security bags, and more.Check Prices